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  1. the latest email I have is about the new released for October and November.
  2. nothing for me for Chicago....more dates must be coming
  3. I renew early - put in the INNOCENCE group Go for the presale only get behind the stage? really... hopefully more dates are added!
  4. I just spoke with someone and i'm in the innocence group because I signed up in January 2017 and the cut off was December 29th (I believe) 2016. So I missed out by a couple of weeks.
  5. so the Innocence group is the 2nd group....after I renewed immediately??
  6. i'm registered with no problems - but having gateway issues when I want to renew. am I the only one??
  7. i'll join! will be there for night 1....and in Toronto too haha!
  8. yup after trying since 9am I got GA....good lord. so now i'm going to Chicago, where i'm from and Toronto lol
  9. right now no tickets for me....they will be adding another show hopefully.
  10. been involved with other presales but this one sucked.
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