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  1. This is a great album with heartfelt songs, I have spent the past 20 years working away from home Landlady felt so personal. I don't have a key !
  2. The issue you are having is because you are accessing the website from outside the US . Ticketmaster.com blocks access to foreign people,it results in that error "unable to process later". The only way around it is to use a vpn and use chrome . You will also have to delete your cookies regularly . Alternatively use the mobile version of Ticketmaster ,that's not geoblocked. I dont know why Ticketmaster do this to foreign people ,its not fair ,other Ticketmaster variations do not have this bug. Fano at this precise moment in time and space I think I might love you - 4x GA Toronto have now been secured to partner my airline tickets I just hope that VPN I used hasn't scammed my CC
  3. Dear Larry Many moons ago Ticketmaster messed up presales on the Vertigo tour. You got involved and it got better. I have been trying to use my presales all day for Toronto and just get an error from the site saying 'unable to process please try later' Strange thing is I managed to book and pay for my flights from London to Toronto no problem , that's 3 people at nearly 1.5k along with the electronic visa from the Canadian Government, no issues very happy. Now it's just tickets I need, given it's now 8 hours into the presales I would imagine the only way I will get a ticket is via a tout, sorry Ticketmasters reseller site, Rock n Roll used to be fun.
  4. Been getting this...... We were unable to process your request.Try again later. All day across multiple computers and networks - not happy,
  5. I just get an error message from ticketmaster.ca after the captcha verification We were unable to process your request. Try again later. wanting Toronto GA, flights booked from the UK. Not happy, have tried on 4 different computers - who do I call - what can I do - very frustrated and getting a little angry to be honest.
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