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  1. My concern here is that I have 2 GA tix (I'm using one of them, a friend another), but I also have a couple of friends using the 100-level seats I bought during that whole presale fiasco (I couldn't sell them back, etc.). Based on that CC entry business, we all have to enter at the same time, but these areas have separate entry points, so...how do we all get in together, yet we can't enter the same door (because GA has wristbands and all)? It sounds like it's going to be a total nightmare, and the e-mails TM sent don't clarify anything except which types of bags you can/can't bring. We're meeting up early enough to maybe ask staff before doors open, but geez, this is already confusing.
  2. I plan to take the Light Rail, seems to be the best way to go if you're within the service area. Last time they did a show here they kept it running later than usual so people could leave the same way, which made things crowded but better than trying to take a car.
  3. The Seattle ticket sale was a real pain in the butt this time - I was able to get 2 GA floor tix later in the day with the Wires group (using the TM app), but earlier in the day, could only manage to snag a couple 100-level seats. I really only wanted the GA ones, but Ticketmaster says no refunds, etc., and it's Credit Card entry, so I'm on the hook with all four tickets. Ugh, what a cluster. Anyone possibly interested in the 100-level ones? Section 121, Row EE. I'm content down at field level (did the same during the 360 Tour). I'm going to ask my local friends, too, but should anyone still be looking for tickets and doesn't mind meeting up with a half-stranger, I may be able to help!
  4. Has anyone going to the Seattle show had luck contacting TM about refunding tickets? Sent them a message last night since it was after customer service hours, but haven't heard back. Had the same nightmare of not being able to find tix and grabbed the first set I could (in the 100-level), then later discovered GA/floor tickets through the app, so I bought those. Of course, it's credit card only, and apparently we can't sell them back, trade or ask for a refund? It appears CenturyLink doesn't participate in the whole 3-day refund program, either... Glad I'm getting to go, but this was the worst ticket-buying experience EVER in all my years as a fan.
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