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  1. Hey guys. Just having a think about BOYH (which is great with more listens). Have been discussing the Hotel California-esque ending and someone said that the start is reminiscent of a piece of music in a film. Can’t think what it is, but love it all the same. Any suggestions??
  2. I love the arc of these 2 records. Maybe it’s an age thing, but they seem to resonate with lots of things for me right now. I love hearing all the connections people are making. Keep them coming.
  3. That’s brilliant! - was worried it was just me!! I like the idea of the band watching them all - mine was hilarious- there’s a reason I’m not a professional musician (sadly ?). Hope you enjoy! X
  4. Love hearing your thoughts. I love SOE so many layers! Do you think they will do the “ordinary chorus”? On the tour Anyone else record their version? X
  5. Joy indeed. Personally love it. By the way, anyone know what happened to the ordinary chorus? I'm thinking maybe my singing broke it ? Waiting for SOE... !
  6. Thanks so much. Very excited now ?
  7. It's a waiting game but I'm sure it'll be worth it! Happy days ?
  8. Hi all I really love Blackout! Excited for SOE. Anyone know when to expect the single tmro? Will it be released to buy - or radio play??? Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
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