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  1. I have not missed one concert in Dublin since before 1984 and was never, ever disappointed after a gig before. The only tickets we could get were on Pitch 1. We stood on the right side of the pitch slightly to the left of the last tower on the right. There was a "Staff" area to our left. When the guys came out onto the satellite stage we literally could not see anything - absolutely nothing of the first songs as they weren't on the big screen. The Staff did not have seats and were standing, completely blocking the view. We tried to move around to see better but had no luck. I'm 5ft 7" woman - not that small! All night we only got a few glimpses of the guys - so very disappointing?The screen was amazing - but the view was so restricted it was very very disappointing. We spent the night straining just to try to get to see them - as my friend said "it was like an amazing open air karaoke" as we couldn't see anything but the back and side of the staff area. It pains me to write this - ?
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