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  1. Philadelphia. Never been to Dublin.
  2. Great. So people don't generally give people a hard time when they're trying to make their way back. Like it's understood that they probably went to the bathroom.
  3. We have pitch 2 tickets. Never done GA before and coming from U.S. Croke looks HUGE. Wife is concerned about peeing, "how will I leave to go to bathroom and get back to our spot?" How does that generally work? Are people cool about somebody working their way back to their original spot with their friend(s)?
  4. I guess that pretty much says it all.
  5. Appreciate that rundown, geowickey. Thanks, this gives me some comfort as not sure how early we'll be able to arrive. Inclined to keep the Pitch 2 as I've seen U2 many times from the seats. Ever since seeing the broadcast of Live at Slane 15 years ago I've had it on my bucket list to see them in Ireland and the clip of Streets always had me wanting to be in the middle of the madness on the floor. I'm thinking 329 low is a little far removed given how vast Croke looks. Not bad seats per se, but since I have the option for Pitch 2 I guess I'll roll with that.
  6. I'll be coming from the U.S. for this show as I've always wanted to see U2 in their hometown. I have seats in 329 (Row P) and in Pitch 2. Never having been to Croke Park (or Ireland for that matter), I'm wondering which are likely to yield the better experience. 329 looks far away from the stage and Row P seems low, having looked at their setup from 2005 at Croke I'm afraid our site line will be blocked by hospitality tent/lighting/etc in 329. Is Pitch 2 the no-brainer decision here? Thanks!
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