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  1. Many people online are saying it will happen if we keep trying. Also, others say they were able to get tickets three days before Joshua Tree shows. I have a feeling it will work out.
  2. I started trying to buy two GA tickets today about 15 minutes after the Innocence Presale started. I've been trying all day but haven't had any luck. The site says there are no GA tickets available. Some people say to keep trying because they hold back some GA tickets for each wave of the presales and the public sale. I am hoping to get some! Tomorrow the Citi Presale starts at 9:00am. I will start trying again in the morning before that. Good luck!
  3. I am hoping to purchase GA tickets with my new wire subscription. Right now (Wednesday) there is no Wire option on TM. I assume this means sales will start Thursday for Wire subscribers. Does anyone know the price of GA tickets for this second Chicago show?
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