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  1. I hear you! Today is the first day since Saturday where my feet don't hurt, lol.
  2. I shared the photo I took of the dress to my Facebook friends. It was quite a hit. I caught my wife eyeing my collection of concert t-shirts.
  3. Just saw that they played The Little Things That Give You Away at Foxborough last night. This was my second time seeing the tour, and the second time they've played the new song the night after I saw them. Thanks, guys.
  4. My feet are still sore from the torture I put them through Friday. This whole general admission game is clearly a game for those a little younger and a little more in shape than myself, LOL! But I'm glad I had the time to be able to commit to the general admission experience. This was the first concert in about ten years that I attended alone. Most shows, I'll take my wife. On the off chance I'm seeing an act that my wife has no interest in seeing, or that she's already seen on a particular tour, I'll often take my sister or a friend, but in this case, i decided to go solo. my wife saw the tou
  5. After taking this shot, Bono was singing One. The ladies around me and I were singing right back at him. I raised my camera to take another photo, but he turned around quickly. I think he may have been anticipating a flash, but I never use the flash during shows.
  6. I take a LOT of photos at concerts. I've gotten into the habit of dimming the screen on my camera so as not to annoy anyone else, but yeah. I do take a LOT of photos. This one that I snapped tonight is, hands down, my favourite pic I've ever taken.
  7. Fantastic show tonight! Mich, it was nice to meet you. I was the guy in the loud Hawaiian shirt. Bono paid tribute to Leonard Cohen tonight by asking the lights to get turned off, and singing a snipped of Cohen's Suzanne while the crowd turned on their cellphone cameras. It was a beautiful thing. I'm getting a little misty thinking about it.
  8. I'll get this damn photo to post if it's the last thing I do! GOOD MORNING, TORONTO!!
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