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  1. Bottom line here is that it doesn't appear that U2 protects their fans (you know....those people that got them where they are?) or they're in on the ticket scam. Nobody is guilty...just ask them
  2. Well said....couldn't agree more. U2 forgot who got them where they are....or just don't care. Either way doesn't say much for their character
  3. This could be easily resolved with a no resale stipulation. Ticketmaster won't like that because they don't get to resell some of those tickets. It's quite obvious the band doesn't give a shit
  4. There must be some sort of payout from the resale sites to the bands or why would there be so many tickets there? Bands could easily stop this shit with a no resale stipulation. Obviously there's some sort of benefit to U2....either that or they don't give a shit about their fans. There were 1400 tickets for the Toronto show on stub hub alone before the general public sale so that means it all the so-called fan club
  5. If this is a fan club then why is there 1400 tickets on stub hub for the Toronto show alone when only "fans" can get tickets at this point....I call bullshit
  6. I will not renew. What a waste. Besides what kind of fan club is it when I found 1400 tickets on Stub Hub for the Toronto show alone when only "fans"??? can get tickets? bullshit
  7. I have been a U2 fan for many years and have seen them in concert many times. I recently joined the fan club. My options for seats were total garbage on the presale. What was the point of wasting $50. Admin can only guarantee that there are no refunds. Sounds like a good deal for them, not so much for me. Lesson learned. U2 must be so proud. Furthermore, I attended 146 concerts in 2016, many of which I am a member of their fans clubs. Funny how all the others allowed me to get good seats on their presales.
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