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  1. Wear one everynight to bed. Rotate my favorites. These edun tees have lasted me years. One is 13 years old & I wear it every week. I was going to make a quilt of all of the shirts but can't cut them up just yet!! Thanks
  2. Listenng on mixlr cannot believe our beautiful Bono;s voice decided to give him a hard time. Carry him through U2, crew, fans my heart is breaking for everyone right now. U2 community you got this !!! he needs you
  3. thank you mixlr/U2 gigs & periscope peeps, was able to watch at times and then listen while running carpool, errands, cooking, cleaning and feeling like I was with you all in Berlin tonight. Dancing & jumping around my kitchen to Elevation and Vertigo, crying during Bono's anniversary speech to Ali & love is bigger and really hearing that groovy New Years Day beat. Red Flag Day & Summer of Love were great additions. Missed American Soul so powerful live, but get why it's not there. Brought me back to my NY MSG experience 2 months ago on the rail. Thanks for making the last 2
  4. Thank You to U2, adding a second night to MSG back in Nov. when the fan club early release ticket issues had occurred with the first ticket sales. I struck gold with 2 GA's on MSG2 " All Because of our awesome Zootopia/U2.com moderators" for being persistent with our situation. I surprised my sister with a GA ticket as a Christmas present and the new U2 CD. Well on Tuesday 6/26/18 U2NYC2 we went from innocence to experience for the first time because it was our first show together as sisters, both of us got on the rail for the first time( it was her first GA ever) and stood at main sta
  5. So how was it worth it going on the floor???!!! Dying to hear your experience.
  6. Wear it with pride !! Love the lightbulb. Wish i was there with you all.
  7. SOI only spoke to me after I saw the production live. The only song I connected with was Iris. Then after the concert I couldn't put CD away. It was a story & so well conveyed. I think this will be the same if your not connecting to it yet. Btw I hope they never sound like Coldplay. Would break my heart.
  8. Me too! Is this why I can listen to With or Without you, & One everyday for over 25 years & still get chills ???
  9. Why do I love the fact that Eli & Sian are on this cover & holding hands. It gets me everytime I look at it. Love everything about it. Waiting for my CD to arrive to listen, read lyrics, & get to know these songs. Tried to sneak a peek today on Spotify. Red Flag spoke to me, being a beach lover I love when Bono sings about& refers to the Ocean. His voice on Every Breaking Wave(radio edit) just blows me away !!! Great day for U2 & their fans❤️
  10. Hi I may have given you wrong advice. 

    Read the advice from the other guy on your feed!

    Hope it all works out.

    1. derbfreund


      It's ok. Thanks a lot!

  11. I just saw your issue was resolved. What venue called you? Thanks & happy for you.


  12. I may be late to this game about reporting all of my issues about presale concerns. However, I was approved for all the preasales (Innocence group, Verified fan even for all the shows that I wanted in NY NJ area)  got all the codes, was ready at exact minute of sales( everytime)  but nothing was available in GA in the anything. In fact Start your search again there is an error is all that popped up on my computer screen. I tried with my phone &  then and only tix that were expensive seats. Is there a list that people are signing up for to see if GA are available to them because they were approved and nothing was available ? Since there are a ton of emails and am trying to navigate  here I am not sure what i have to do to get on a List?

    Thank you for your help.


  13. Hi Big Wave. Was unsuccessful yet again for my 4th and final try to get any GA in the NY NJ area shows. Been trying for hours & days  since i received my innocence code last week. Got into verified fan yesterday spent another 3 hours and now finally tried general sale  within seconds the resale  tix came up with nothing available. Would love 2 GA tix to any of the shows at this point. Thanks for listening. After seeing the band inGA sitting in the seats is no longer where I belong. 

    Thank  you  

  14. Im on sites now of NY and there are seats available no GA though. for 90 minutes all i got was there is an error so i left for awhile and now there are seats. But no GA. My computer was saying error yet my phone was giving me seats. I/m holding out for GA 

  15. Yes !!! I've been enjoying all the U2 songs during the World Series as well!! I agree this tour was life changing. Croake Park for me in July! 3rd row from Bono mainstage heard the whole JT with the 4 of them standing right in front of my face in their hometown was greatest moment!
  16. Thanks for sharing. When can i meet at Big Flee? Who to look for? Can't wait!!!
  17. Whats better? Cost is not an issue, Pitch 2 at Croake or Red Zone, Never have done standing before so I'm a little worried about all that GA requires. Thanks
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