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  1. I managed to get some tickets as well - thank god. However, I did have to release the unwanted tickets a couple of times which panicked me. Having looked at the view from my seats I am pretty happy, which you can see here - Section 404, row L https://aviewfrommyseat.co.uk/venue/The+O2+Arena/seating-chart/. Expensive though.
  2. I think if I cannot get good seats I will risk it for more dates especially as o2 customers get an extra hour on innocence members grrrrr. I might just pick up a £10 sim tomorrow!
  3. So which seats do you think will be the best? My money is down the side of the arena.
  4. That's what I saw - WOW, super excited for that which hopefully is what we will see at the O2 - if I get tickets ofc!
  5. Having looked at the Ticketmaster Innocence stage layout I can only hope that it will change as there is currently no plans for anything more than a traditional stage. Do you think this is correct or that it will change?
  6. Please tell me you at least got a refund? The only venue I heard of this thing going on was at Croke Park - correct???
  7. I'm trying as well but no luck as yet. I was at the Sunday show as well and it was amazing but I have been feeling like I missed half the show - I need another fix!
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