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  1. I’m so sorry you went thru that, George. That is saddening and infuriating! I hope you get your RZs in Sydney. I bet you’ll have a good chance when/if they add a 2nd night. I did my best to make sure I had 2 credit cards ready to go, and contacted both companies beforehand to let them know I’d be making international purchases, and yet, I still had an issue with one card. My Citibank Mastercard worked great! There were no problems at all placing the order. I actually hadn’t planned on using that card as my primary mode of purchase because they charge a 3% fee for international t
  2. I purchased in Red Hill group from the US and wasn’t able to unchoose “New Zealand” for delivery country. I went ahead and bought the tix and they showed up in my Ticketmaster app. I didn’t get a warning that there was a problem with my shipping method, though.
  3. I couldn’t have said it better, Rich T.
  4. Very nice, Vermont guy. Glad you got thru without stressing out. ? Interestingly, the Vegas AXS sale is still requiring a code while none of the other venues are. I wonder what’s going on there?
  5. ? ? Laughing and crying here! Now I get it! Plus, I wasn’t wearing my special underwear.
  6. Nice Tracy! I hope you get great tickets. That would be an amazing b’day present!
  7. Oh, I’m so jealous, but congrats on your ticket success!!! Thanks so much for your help. I haven’t given up hope, yet.
  8. This is so helpful, Damoratis. I’m gonna get off this app on my iPad and get online on my computer. My app isn’t showing me any of this. So, did you get tickets or are you still trying?
  9. Where are you looking? I’m using the Ticketmaster app and it’s still asking for a code and not showing me anything else. Where are you seeing times for general sales?
  10. Wow, I really missed the boat on that one. Didn’t get my Presale code on time, and didn’t get a Citi code assigned to me. I thought I’d at least get to buy tickets in the General Sale, but obviously didn’t realize I needed to sign up. So, will I have any chance to buy tickets or am I completely out locked out of this Tour and relegated to the scalpers on StubHub?
  11. U2 Fan Club Loser here. I was never texted my iNNOCENCE Presale code and by the time I was able to contact U2.com to get it, there wasn’t anything left to buy. (Sorry, had to rant a bit!) ANYWAY, how do I now get into the general sale? Ticketmaster is still asking for a code. Thank you.
  12. Mikenaz, my pic files are too big to upload here but, yes, you will have a true side view. I was in section 119, row 5, seat 9 from Levi's Stadium which was behind the red zone. This was the second section from the left (as you are looking toward the stage). There was seating in one half of the section to the left us. They were very parallel to the screen. The screen is in 3 sections -- 2 flat panels on the left and right sides (well beyond where Edge and Adam are) and a u-shaped section that curves away from the crowd in the center. The band generally stays in the u-shaped section.
  13. Yahweh posted some times he/she received from somewhere....
  14. I pulled this from Anna's post over on the Late Night Train thread. An article mentions that the concert is expected to be over by 11 pm. Not sure if that means it actually goes until 11, though. http://www.capitolcorridor.org/whats-new/capitol-corridor-run-special-late-night-train-may-17-u2-concert-levis-stadium/
  15. Look at Anna's post. She quoted from an article that said "the concert is expected to be over by 11 pm." http://www.capitolcorridor.org/whats-new/capitol-corridor-run-special-late-night-train-may-17-u2-concert-levis-stadium/ I hope that means it goes until 11!
  16. What does this mean, "Fan Club Ticket Holders"? Am I a fan club ticket holder just because I am a member here?
  17. I just read about the cluster at BC Place last night. It sounds like people stood in line for 3+ hours and missed the opening act because the venue couldn't get their act together. Is entry into Levi's stadium generally trouble-free? I have seat tickets but will go early if necessary.
  18. If U2 actually starts playing at 8:40 I'll be sorely disappointed. That would be a meager 80 minutes on stage.
  19. bmillis, I suppose we're all different in what we're looking for in a live show. For me, it's never been about how good or bad Bono's voice is. I've never thought that he has a traditionally great voice. But, what he may lack vocally he makes up for with his immense passion. It's that passion that hooked me when I was a kid and keeps me hooked to this day. So, even when he can't hit a note, or isn't able to perform vocally as he did decades ago, I'm not bothered because the passion, message, and meaning are all still there. You ears are just tuned differently. I wouldn't go, either, if I
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