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  1. Most likely just normal GA. That chairs comment is probably a mistake along with the Red Zone comment. I think you're right. My Ticketmaster receipt just changed from what I attached above to one that says nothing about chairs or Red Zone. Luckily I printed out a copy of the receipt that still holds the original information. Problem is, I bought these tickets BECAUSE of the chairs (one of my companions has knee/ankle problems and can't stand that long), so if these are really just standard GA tickets, I'm not sure I'll even be able to use them. Any idea what kind of solution might be offered by TM? I can probably get a refund but since the show is sold out, that would mean I'd miss the show. I can't sell them because of the credit card entry thing, either. Ugh.
  2. Got 3 "Red Zone" tickets in the Pasadena general sale today. However, I'm not really sure what these are -- they were only $70, are listed as "GA45", and are noted as being "chairs with backs". Anyone have a clue?
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