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  1. Hey mate, I have a pitch 2 spare, can meet you at pitch 1 barrier, pm me
  2. Guys, i have a spare pitch 2 ticket but am in the stadium, if anyone wants an upgrade from seats or pitch 1 PM me
  3. Looking for one Pitch 2 ticket for today's show.....
  4. Hi Bonomandela, if it's not yet sold I'll buy it today!
  5. Hi guys, Collecting from RZ shortly, forgot to print confirmations. Am I good with showing the email / Ticketmaster App? cheers!
  6. How did you get so close to the B stage AND the main stage? I would have thought that if your RZ for the B stage and you get that great rail (or close) position, you can forget getting anywhere near the main stage.. even if RZ gets you access to GA.. HOW is this possible !!
  7. Is that edge on the far left, on the main stage at the top of the RZ? If so it's GREAT news , thought they bugger off to the right of the catwalk after the B stage bit is done..
  8. Thought that might be the case alright!! Now torn, have RZ tickets, do i go for the B stage or main stage to catch Noel and the main act (semi) up close or trade it all in for an incredible spot in the RZ for 3 songs!!
  9. Nice one mich40.. Taking it you mean main stage for his whole set, guess it's only the royalty that get use of the B stage, haha
  10. guys, how was noel gallagher? can anyone tell me where he performed from (main stage or b stage). Have RZ for tomorrow but really want to see Noel up close too if at all possible.. Cheers!
  11. Hey mate, Definitely going to both, hope you managed to get sorted for the weekend!
  12. Amazing, thanks for posting. At the b stage, can anyone tell us who's been, who is usually at the nearest 'branch' to RZ? Is there a chance that we'll be looking at the bands' backs for those songs?
  13. Just spoke to CS again, looks like the tickets *have* been sent but apparently I'm not to worry as they can cancel the barcode on the old collectors ticket. I've filled out the change of address form on the Ticketmaster site with utility bill etc - apparently it still showing the old address on their system. They're emailing someone senior who they think will get it sorted after the bank holiday weekend - let's hope there's no issues
  14. Hi guys, Hoping you can help. I booked tickets on my CC which was linked to my old address. After a panic when I realised I hadn't updated my delivery address I checked the TM site to great relief showing that they had not dispatched my tickets yet. I phone Ticketmaster customer service who told me not to worry, fill out the form, upload utility bill etc and they'll send them to the new address and she would put a 'hold' on the tickets so that they don't go to the old address inadvertently. I then received an email last week saying this was an error and the tickets HAD been sent out. When I asked them to cancel them, they seemed to miss the point and assume that the recipient in my old address will simply send them back. What can I do? I says in two places on the website that the tickets have not been dispatched, the customer service lady promised me they'd hold on sending the tickets. It seems like they should be able to cancel the tickets sent in error and re-issue new tickets to my new address. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'd really appreciate it.
  15. Was this for the Dublin gig? If you went via U2.com for the Dublin gig and clicked on Red Zone (on Thursday) there was no where to enter your code and no red zone on sale. They were on sale (presumably) in the GA link *without* the need to enter the pre-sale code. The issue with selling RZ without needing a code happened all over the world it seems, the issue with TM not selling RZ on the RZ link seems to be unique to TM Ireland...
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