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  1. 8 minutes ago, lukylsp said:

    I’m sure this has already been said but WE GOT RED FLAG DAY finally. I’ve seen four of seven shows on the tour and they played at the three I hadn’t seen up to this point :lol: It sounded so good - stoked. I have no voice left. 


    Oh, and I finally caught pages falling from the ceiling tonight! 

    Going tomorrow and I’m putting all my energy into hoping they play RFD again. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    I just watched the clip of Red Flag Day which Mich40 posted in this thread.  Does it seem like they are really concentrating?  I don't know how eles to say that.  It doesn't quite express what I'm asking.  I watched the Edge closely.  His eyes rarely leave the fingerboard to look at the audience.  The same is true for Adam.  At one point, more towards the end, right before Bono sings, Hey Hey, he smiles.  It almost seems like he's happy that it's coming together.  I don't remember seeing them concentrate that much on their fingering before.  This is conjecture.  It seems like they are really pushing themselves as musicians.  I am not a famous rock musician.  I don't know.  I'm asking what others think.

    Not a pro myself but if I had to guess it might just be that they really haven’t had the time to reherse it enough to feel comfortable. Read either or elsewhere that something similar has been happening during Acrobat and that’s been played every night of the tour so far.

  3. 45 minutes ago, Heather S said:


    Really? A terrible set list?  Totally disagree....they spent a whole summer playing The Joshua Tree last year....why on earth would they play them again with all the other ‘classics’ waiting to be played.  I am thrilled by this set list and can’t wait - biggest disappointment for me is lack of Red Flag Day and I was hoping for a few others from War/October.  Surprised they included the elevation/vertigo duo again but then again, nothing gets the crowds going like those so I am now counting down the months until September in Europe.  

    Yeah but they also spent that whole summer playing SBS, Pride, Elevation, and One...

  4. On 2/1/2018 at 4:37 PM, geowickey said:

    Saw them at Croke (Vertigo years back and JT last summer).

    We are doing Night 3 (Friday) this November. Scored a pair of GAs about 8 hours into the Innocence presale after a very long day of trying... Grateful...

    Flights booked. AirBnB booking request is in just today... SO EXCITED!!

    Did you just look up places in Dublin on AirBnB? Thinking about using it if it’ll save me some money compared to the hotels. Flying in from California to the same show!

  5. Will the band even give us the courtesy of putting a statement out about this situation? I don’t want some half baked auto reply from TM.


    Queens of the Stone Age had a similar issue with a show earlier and they addressed it by cancelling the show and letting everyone know what had happened. Don’t expect this whole process to be restarted as I’m sure the money from tickets sold has already been shipped to Malta or whatever island the rich are using at the moment but a direct answer to this mess would be welcome.

  6. What a sham. Although I’m part of tomorrow’s group, I find it troubling that Ticketmaster has tricked us into accepting another layer to the ticketing system that only serves to finacially benefit them. 


    Did they make sure to not use the word “lottery” from the beginning to see how many people will just bend over and not cancel their subscription because of this? Are we just now seen as guinea pigs to test what they hope will be the future of every ticket sale for every band? 


    The more I think of this the more I also find it sad that the band either weren’t aware of this or let it happen.

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