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  1. I really loved this stream , i was listening for a few hours when it shut off at midnight last night , i wish they ran it for a week or two , what i heard was pretty amazing , great interview clips & live stuff .
  2. I just got an email to Redeem either a download or Cd about an hour ago
  3. I too fill out & contact my reps as well , they only seem to get upset when they can't get springsteen tix for them selves It's really hard as Ticketmaster & live nation are now the same company & not only do they own 90% of the ticketing but also have exclusives to 80% of the live venues ..... they have their hands in everything , you want to sell merch in a live nation venue they get 40% of all sales , that's why merch is so much $$$ , so far the only other artist i know to do a full tour with this verified program is lindsey stirling , similar results if you read her facebook , people were not sent passwords & those who did were offered the Expensive VIP packages. This whole "we'll send you a code" pretty much gives them free reign to do what they will , bands can't trust someone who is already doing scalping on the side , their speach on protecting fans from the scalpers is a laugh when they are the scalpers , visit ticketsnow.com & look at the fine print , it's a side selling site & it says if you looked "owned by ticketmaster" ......... it's only going to get worse with this system . At least at the 2nd onsale for U2 there were some tix out there , but only after they probably got laid into by management ..... They just pulled a fast one on Taylor swift , they are doing two shows in most markets & they were putting them onsale one at a time like U2 , well they just changed the plan & are putting both onlsale at once , that way when it hits the fans , they can't fix it for show #2 , they just take in the $$$ , her presales have not even started & tix are all over stubhub & ebay ............ it's sad to see . Only real answer is everyone stays home , if the shows are empty they HAVE to change , sadly that won't happen , people are still willing to pay for marked up tix ............. I don't do that anymore , if i can't get it that's it , i'll stay home , i won't overpay .
  4. Sadly ticketmaster does their own scalping , i have called ticket brokers listed on Craigslist & they have answered "hello ticketmaster" & then corrected themselves .......... only thing this system is helping is ticketmaster to keep more tix for mark-up .
  5. I kept asking Alexa to play it , she has no idea what i'm talking about , tried from my computer all last night link was dead . Finally just got it up on the computer , been buffering for 10 minutes , i wonder if Amazon has too much traffic ........ weird .
  6. WOW ! that is one big F**king joke & sad to see , I almost have to laugh that TicketM**ter who are the Biggest scalpers in the Game are allowed to shut people down that they are calling scalpers & if among the Biggest bands like U2 are letting it happen , they are just laughing behind closed doors & counting all the Ca$h coming in , Only Real way to stop it is not go , if everyone stayed home the Magic would instantly happen , the Band would get right on it & all would be fair ............... that's just NOT going to happen , peopl will & do pay crazy prices , Not me ..........can't afford it & even if i could i wouldn't , I'll go to shows of bands that are not taking my wallet from me . Taylor swift singed on to this same system & her tix go on sale in two weeks , that will NOT go well , TicektM**ter are sending out pre "interview surveys" to qualify people they want to know how many tix you intend on buying , would you buy VIP , where do you WANT to sit & how much will you pay per seat ....... also they have a system with the more merch & albums you buy the "better your chances may be" in line for tix ..............this is only going to get worse ....
  7. That's a pretty great Theory , get the REAL fans to buy up the Expensive stuff as they'd be willing to pay $$$ ......... But you're right Peggy , when they were throwing great seats at me for $650 & average one's at $325 , no way was i buying them , i'll stay home this tour If i can't get good reasonable tix ............. i'm a Fan not a fool .
  8. It's true , at a certain point the band has to step up & say ENOUGH , we are now in control & it stops here ............... I just don't know if even U2 has that power , they signed a 360 deal with live nation & took money up front & then signed on with ticketmaster verified fan which is the SAME company , you sign with the Devil you have to pay ...........
  9. Who even knows , they still have all our info & history of what we do .......... here's an interesting twist , Taylor swift signed on to the Verified fan thing & with hers they want to know before they verify you , how many tix do you want , where would you like to sit ? How much are you willing to spend & will you pay for VIP ........ before they will let you try & get in for the verified fan sales ............ I really hope someone sues them & takes them down .
  10. yeh this afternoon stubhub has almost 200 GA tix for boston at Triple the price + I tried & all that came up were upper balcony ...... good seats were the $650 packages .
  11. I tried to get GA for boston , nothing at all unless i wanted to pay the $650 package deal
  12. ^^^^^^ This , Ticketmaster doing their own scalping is terrible ........ now with this verified thing they have the keys to the Castle .
  13. I tried for Boston first 20 minutes or so everything was the "$650 package tix" then they opened up some tix , all were upper balcony tix , I was able to pull up a single Lodge seat at one point , but no Pairs ....
  14. It's all 100% true i have been shut out of 4 shows o wanted to go for since this thing started , Never got codes for ANY of the shows even though i "Qualified" , one show i did okay as it was at a casino & the Casino keeps some of the tix to sell through their own system . I did get a U2 code for today , but when i logged in all that was available to me were the $650 "Packages" for the 1st 20 minutes , then they released some tix that were all pairs in the upper balcony sections , i was able to pull up one Loge seat as a single , then you go on some of the side sites like stubhub & there is almost 200 GA tix already listed ...... people have to realize , or at least bands do that Ticketmaster is the Biggest scalper going , they do all their own in house side selling & keep what they want .............. is there an answer ? only one is if EVERYONE stops going out to shows & sadly that won't happen .................. Good luck to everyone & i hope some can get good seats
  15. It's sad when they pretty much have handed the keys to the Castle to the biggest scalpers going Ticketmaster , all the great seats are either a $650 or $325 "package" or ended up on side sites ......
  16. Boston is showing thsoe prices , it's insane , i could afford the summer tour but may have to skip this one
  17. ^^^^^^ This , I agree 100% with ALL of that , so far i have been shut out of two shows for presales with this system & if you read an artists facebook pages it's happening to a ton of longtime fans , I alos have to laugh at the "we want to keep the tix in the fans hands" all this system does is allow Ticket master (who is the Biggest scalper going , to keep more tix) ......... whole thing is laughable , it's like handing the key to the sheeps pen with the wolves ...... Good luck everyone
  18. I keep reading theories that a new album will come in the fall after this anniversary tour , either way always psyched for new music , last 2 albums were pretty amazing .
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