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  1. Is "Love Rescue Me" gonna make an appearance on this tour. I think so with Bono making quotes from psalm 23.
  2. There are tickets for st louis tomorrow that are $76. The tickets in manchester england for the same part of the arena are £210. TICKET BASTARDS. The price for tickets should be pre determined. Ticket bastard fleece fans and should be held to account ,instead of letting true fans pay over the odds for fear that they may not get tickets for fear of sell out.
  3. I stand corrected, I have seen enough of those 90 pound women in my time to know not to mess with them, they are like banshees.
  4. I know, I wouldn't mess with anybody on the rail. Mainly because they are so strong that they can cling to it for 2-3 hours. And of course they have so much authority that they can kick people out.
  5. On the contrary, It pretty much makes the people who have been standing there for ages "dicks" for doing so in the first place.
  6. I go into the concerts by myself. I turn up about half an hour before the show. Then I politely shuffle passed people who have been there for ages . I always manage to get within 3 or 4 people from the rail. Don't try this in two's or three's though.
  7. Love Rescue Me., Hawkmoon, Van diemens land. If just one of these songs would be played on the night, it would be worth the entry fee alone
  8. They are brother and sister ,a bit like UF and JT but more so.
  9. O.K. all. How many times have you heard this "U2 are allright but their old stuff was better" I have been listening to this shite for over 30 years now. People were saying this when the Joshua Tree was released. What I am trying to say is that any album , by any artist needs time to be listened to and settle in before any judgements are made. I accept that sometimes an album comes along once in a while that blows peoples socks off,but it is very,very rare. One day soi and soe will be the old stuff .
  10. Thanks man, I have tickets to Manchester, front row behind the stage. I was a little apprehensive about this. But you have given me new hope as I do not care about the screens. My main concern was looking at the baxk of the bands heads all night.
  11. I too would like to see one or two of the older, overlooked classics. Drowning Man is a good call.I also love Shadows and Tall Trees.
  12. I.am sorry you felt I was looking to start a debate, I was merely trying to put my point across.. But I think we can agee on one thing though. U2 are the greatest band on the planet.
  13. I do feel for you guys down under, I really do. I hope they will remember your part of the earth preety soon. I remember recording the lovetown documentry on the B.B.C.. whicj was filmed in oz. Watched it many, many, times ,until one day my mother recorded Coronation Street over the top of it! Fingers ctossed for you though for a tour sometime in the near future.
  14. I wonder, would you be so nonchelant and dismissive if you were unable to aquire tickets to the shows that you wanted to go to ? I see you have multiple tickets for several shows and I cannot fault you for that.(I wish I could go globetrotting with U2).But when you are 3 minutes into a presale and the only tickets that are available are £200+ , for your local (ish) area , I think you have a right to be a little bit pissed.Even more so if you saved your code for Dublin and used it for tickets for the Monday-Tuesday shows only to be informed just 8 or 9 hours later that there would be shows on the Friday and Saturday.
  15. Exactly. I went to see another of my favourite bands, The Specials, at the Ricoh arena a few years ago. Just the band on stage with a little lighting. The atmosphere was electric, one of the best gigs I have ever been to.
  16. Well I am in the U.K. GA tickets were showing unavailable minutes after going on sale . Which were priced reasonably. If you think that £440 for two seats in row Z is not outrageous, then you must have more money than sense. As for the screens ,I guess people have different tastes.I myself am old school and feel that they detract from the intimicy of the show.
  17. Expensive or impossible, subscribers pre-sale has been farcical. The prices of most of the seating tickets are beyond belief, I never thought I would see the day when U2 fleeced their fans with such extortionate prices. If the prices are any way reflective of the price of the L.E.D screens then fuck 'em off. We don't go to concerts to watch T.V. do we now.
  18. It seems you are just as likely to get a ticket in general sales, and maybe you will also get to choose where you sit/stand.
  19. Same here. Didn't get to see a stadium plan when booking so I just took them. Looked at the stadium plan after and in block 120 right behind the stage. Better than not getting one at all though I suppose.
  20. 1. Another time , another place.(Boy) 2.I threw a brick through a window.(October) 3.Drowning man(war)...etc 4.Bad 5.Streets. 6.Hawkmoon 269. 7..Until the end of the world. 8.Stay(faraway so close) (easiest decision by far) 9.Please 10.Kite 11.Original of the species 12.Magnificent 13.Cedarwood road 14.The little things that give you away (so far)
  21. Have to agree , and the final song "The little things" almost felt like an anti climax.
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