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  1. Nice fan site! I miss me some "MacPhisto" (and is 2019 now... ha!)
  2. Very cool album of Adam when he played Pride (In the name of Love) along with U2 on May 16 2018. I've seen Larry, Bono and Edge close but never Adam. He's a cool guy!!! Taken with apple iPhone 6 128 GB
  3. Does anyone have a video recording of LA Forum Wednesday night, when they played "Love is Bigger" and right after the song ended, the whole crowd chanted "Oh-Oh-Oh' which seemed like forever? I loved that part of the concert!!! thanks
  4. im not sure if its played like this every show - staring at the sun from POP was also played acoustic last night
  5. INCREDIBLE energy from U2 last night! (May 16) Very impressive how the band just keeps getting better with age. I want to congratulate the whole U2 team on setting up the venues and the GA in particular. The new layout is awesome! I was outside the Red Zone rail and was very comfortable thru out the night! Even saw Lady GaGa walked by me! Also ran into Mexican movie director Alejandro Inarritu! Pride in the name of Love, Love is bigger, City of Blinding Lights were my favorites!! Also, the acoustic rendition of Best thing about me was priceless!!! I've seen U2 in many
  6. Yeah, I can see your point. But now, having experienced this ticketmaster fiasco (no GAs in the first seconds of a "fan-only" sale) i can pretty much say the ONLY reason to purchase a membership is to get exclusives. Other than that, i've never seen arenas have tickets for sale BEFORE the real fans do. That to me, is pretty greedy from both parties.
  7. Yes, same here. Who knows... Ticketmaster once again...
  8. Screw this- I'm going to wait for another Los Angeles date-this is insane...
  9. Error page -thanks Ticketmaster... WTF ? LOL !!! Ill try for another date... pretty sure they''l play LA for 3 times..
  10. I know. even as far as the last two weeks, a friend of mine told me to go at their official website (the Fourm in Los Angeles) tickets were listed there for sale AND STILL ARE. WhY? why is that? How does it work? I won't subscribe here no more. Been a fan of U2 for decades but this new ticket system is crazy...
  11. How much is Red Zone? thanks, gonna try for the Forum in L.A. tomorrow
  12. Thanks everyone!! Sounds like a plan. Now, I just need those WIRE GROUP tickets tomorrow... Wish me luck !!! We LOVE SAN DIEGO !!!
  13. Hi everyone ! I have a question: Im planning on attending the Concert in San Diego (Qualcomm Stadium) Question: Will i be able to ride the trolley from Hazard center? in and out of the stadium? When is the concert over by/ maybe 11:00pm? When is the last Trolley out of there towards Hazard center? Thanks U2 brothers and sisters! for any info on this upcoming event.
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