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    Elevation, Dallas, April 2001
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    Adam is so fun to watch live!!
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  1. Same here, although I think it might be my favorite overall, not just from this album. I love that song so much and would love to see it live again.
  2. These streaming shows have been such a welcome distraction from this unending lockdown. When I have no tour dates to look forward to, I put these streaming ones on my calendar, cast it to my TV, turn up the volume, and dance in the living room. Thank you so much!!
  3. I haven’t teared up too much so far, but Bono kissing Adam’s cheek did it for some reason.
  4. And what an amazing memory that must be! My 7 y.o. daughter is jealous.
  5. IE for me, hands down. While I happily went to JT30, I just don’t enjoy stadium tours as much. And EI felt a bit predictable after seeing IE. But IE felt so fresh, different, and interesting. I really loved it.
  6. I really hope so. I went to Dublin (night 1) and they ran out. I’m hoping they had some held back for web sales.
  7. What?? They dropped Cedarwood Road and Iris?! I really enjoy those and will be so disappointed to not hear them when I catch up with the tour again in Dublin.
  8. Ouch. It hurts me that you mentioned Cedarwood Road. That’s a song that I didn’t fully appreciate until I heard it live in 2015. I love that song live and was thrilled to hear it again this year. My own list matches what most others have said: Beautiful Day Vertigo Elevation WOWY One I can’t add Streets to the list. That is still one of my favorite U2 songs. Hearing the start of that song live gives me chills.
  9. We also freaked out a bit. Fingers crossed that Bono’s voice holds out to get through the Dublin shows.
  10. We were in RZ last night for DC night 1. As others have said, the bar disappears before the show starts, and the RZ section is further off to the side than on prior tours. This section also felt smaller and more crowded than on prior tours. So this was not my favorite RZ experience. But, I still greatly prefer RZ over GA or seats. You’ll have a great time. As for admission, RZ always has a separate entrance at the Arena where you check-in, present ID and get your tickets and wristbands. For DC, you could start checking in at the RZ entrance at 5:45, I think. Doors opened at 6:30 for
  11. Four of us are coming from D.C. for the Monday night show. We are looking forward to a long weekend in Dublin!
  12. I paid for tickets for two friends in the presale today because their credit cards would not work for the international Ticketmaster charge. So they used their innocence codes, their Ticketmaster accounts, and my payment information. Does that discrepancy between code owner and payment info make it likely that these tickets will be flagged in the audit? Mods or anyone else know?
  13. Same here. But FAQs say that you’re limited to 2 tix total in a presale. I’m not willing to risk losing both my DC tickets and Dublin tickets by using the new code.
  14. I’m looking for options and suggestions for getting 4 tickets together. If each person’s subscriber code is limited to 2, even if we buy with two subscriber codes, the chances of getting seats together is basically zero. (We’re too to stand in GA.) Do we just have to wait for the public sale?
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