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  1. I have all released cd's inc both best of collections that were released i have a collection of burned collection from disc 1 all the way through vertigo and it covers 36 discs of everything from standard album to every b side or mix they made through all there years.some highlights inc the passengers stuff'so-so'some great songs never released on vertigo like not finished versions of the finished music on vertigo.some old club gigs from 80-81,most of the better imported b sides were mixes from achtung/zooropa/pop more dance /pop remixes there during there experimental period,, i have remix
  2. thank you...larry is my favorite band member ,,here is a tid bit,i live in new jersey larry in the 90's had some bar in new york state area and owned a volvo station wagon his signifigant other drove ,so i work for volvo now and i have a customer who owns that wagon i was like cool to the guy when he told me drummer from u2 owned it,i said yeah larry mullen jr,vehicle was in mint shape and ridiculous low mileage..
  3. new here been a u2 fan since 1983 mtv days lol have seen them each tour since early 90's ,have books,dvd shows,cd/discs lol all and imports tenfold,my 3 kids love them as well 11/10/3 ages they think'bono'is u2 ..they really are one of the greats..
  4. very underrated disc i see it as a modern zooropa,,,starts of with a sonic blast of no line on the horizon 'my 3 yr old loves it and knows the words lol,,,magnificent is a tremendous song and should be included in any tour moving foward.get on your boots likens to elevation/vertigo catchy and melodic.'king of comedy'is good song just weird title to stick ,they ran the publicity of the tour with studio track'don't go crazy tonite'but the live version mixed as a dance /club version was one of the highlights of the 360 show ..
  5. popmart 2 x giants stadium elevation msg after 9/11 attack attack,,incredible show vertigo tour msg u20 360 pre back surgery 2010 giants stadium post surgery same stadium 2011 better show sound and expierience daughters 1st u2 show age 10 at msg great show.. joshua tree met life can'rt wait..
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