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  1. Do you need Copenhagen tickets? I have 2 seated for sale?
  2. Hi Nexmann are you still wanting seated tickets to Copenhagen?


    1. hege_losoa


      Do you still have seats for Copenhagen? 

    2. Racquel


      Hi, yes i do - i have two seated tickets - are you interested?


  3. Sorry Virginie, these have now gone, but i do have one seated ticket for the Sunday night show if you are interested?
  4. Sorry for the delay Philip. Yes this has now gone, but i do have one for sale for the Sunday evening if you are interested?
  5. Hi, I am selling one seated ticket Block L28 Row 13 for face value - anyone interested? Thanks
  6. I have 1 seated ticket for sale for the sat Twickenham show L24 Row 19. please reply if interested
  7. No problem - let me know if you change your mind!
  8. Hi, I am waiting to hear back from one person on this forum, but wondered, if he doesnt want the tickets, is anyone else interested? I bought them for the saturday but am now going on the Sunday so i don't need these anymore. They are 3 seated together (section L25, Row 12, Seats 201,202,203; and one is seated in L24, row 19 (don't have seat number yet). They cost £187 each, except the one in L24 cost Eur355. Is anyone interested? Or do you know anybody who may be interested?? Thanks so much. Racquel
  9. Hi The three together are in Section L25, Row 12, Seats 201, 202 & 203. They cost £187.50 each. The one on its own is Section: L24 Row: 19 but i do not have a seat number yet. This gets allocated when the ticket is available to download nearer the time. Unfortunately this one cost Euro355. Let me know what you think Thanks
  10. In fact, i have 4 tickets for saturday, but 3 of them are together, 1 is separate (and more expensive), but all are seated for the saturday night. Get in touch if you want them! They are e-tickets, so they are only printable 3 days before but i can either email them to you for you to print, or i can print and get them to you somehow! Let me know!
  11. Hi Eric I may be able to help - I have 3 tickets for the saturday night - are you still interested?
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