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  1. Happy birthday to you, dear Adam Charles Clayton! EnJOY your beautiful day !
  2. 43 035 - I was just wondering about Adam this morning and thinking about how he, his beloved Mariana, and Alba must be doing on non-tour time...well HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ADAM! Best wishes from my heart to yours!
  3. 43 016 - Good evening one and all! Looks like rain is due tonight where I am!
  4. Taking a spa treatment at home with Peter Thomas Irish Moor Mud Mask....it is as close to taking a trip to Ireland as I will get tonight! LOL! Feels SO GOOD!!
  5. 42 966 - Late evening count while watching The Big Bang Theory.
  6. 42 953 Good afternoon to everyone....it will be afternoon here in 5 minutes!
  7. I keep encountering U2 in the most surprising ways over the last 24 hours! It happened again! I woke up in the wee hours of today really wanting to be sleeping, but got out of bed to drink some soothing herbal tea to get me sleeping again. I turned on the TV and this man named Steven Furtick from Elevation Church was speaking from a message titled The Haunted Heart from Psalm 55 and at the very end when he and his wife were speaking in some closing words, he quotes a U2 song "You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it". I laughed and yes, I was able to sleep again! What's up with that? I !
  8. As I was standing in line at our local Savemart (a supermarket chain in my area) buying a sandwich and a sparking water from their deli after church and Mysterious Ways came blasting over the PA! I did not start dancing, but you know I wanted to! I was in full smile just thinking about U2...their shows...the Dance of Life! How fun is that? LOL!
  9. 42 853 - Well, thank you Malahide! I corrected my part in the error making! ALL hail the mighty edit function and please do forgive my flawed and imperfect humanity! Lol
  10. 42 850 - Good morning @caz63and everyone in Zootopia-land! 0 Celcius/32 Fahrenheit here again! Frost on the roof of my car sparkles!
  11. Relaxed, calm...after 3 + days detoxing from caffeinated coffee. Decaf coffee and teas, you are my friends! It makes a difference in my patience levels while driving and/or dealing with difficult ones!!
  12. 42 848 - All hail the edit button for sure! I think you all know by now how often I have messed with the count or I feel like removing something later for simplicity's sake...I get to make typos! LOL!
  13. 42 843 - Morning is good, Hello everyone out there in Zootopia-land ... adding to the count at 3 am? Sleep, where are you?
  14. 42 829 - Good evening everyone! Made tortilla soup for dinner. Yummy! Inspiration courtesy of The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo: A Novel, the book I am reading and will finish this weekend. EnJOY!
  15. 42 817 - Congrats, @caz63!! @padawanbeck84 and @Malahide agreed!
  16. 42 808 - @caz63 ...you are most welcome! The right door at the right time is yours!!
  17. 42 807 - Just watching the news re: the shooting in FL...beyond tragic...gasping at the news of this one...
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