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  1. 6 hours ago, pain_18_ said:

    I planted a Lime (Linden) tree in my garden with my LATE Grandma (she died in 2015) in our  garden 5 years ago, it has a very slow-paced rate of growing......

    Our lime tree was the last one my dad planted before he passed...it actually completely died and then over time came back to life! Fruitful now too!

  2. 6 hours ago, pain_18_ said:

    BTW, @natural11...this is my MOM's agenda from when she WAs 17 years old.......It has her handwriting:  "I'm going to the sea side" on a page...I think my Mom should have been very artistic but the times didn't let her......I guess it came out ever stronger in me......


    She can still do it...maybe you and your art can/do encourage her along those lines (pun intended)!

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