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  1. JTT2017: FINALLY meeting Bono after 11 years of waiting! :POP_Heart_02:

  2. It was a Beautiful Day!!!

    BONO AND ME!!.jpg

    1. u2rone


      Lucky lady!!!

    2. SavioSB


      Lucky Man (Bono) with a Beautiful Lady!;)

  3. Can't wait to meet all the other U2 fans next Friday in Arlington!! I am BEYOND EXCITED!!! What's everyone doing before/after the show!? I'd love a good pint and chat! :u2-1383:

    1. jvidhee


      There's a big tailgate party in Lot 11 for the Dallas show.  We'll have a banner up that says U2 Texas.  Feel free to stop by and bring some snacks or drinks.  If we can get some to bring a grill, that would be even better. 

      We have a FB group for those going to the Dallas show if you're interested:




    2. Ksauce


      perfect! i just requested/joined!

      I'm in section 119. I will stop by! what time is the tailgate party? and would you happen to know what time the parking lots are opening? I already got a parking pass..,I'll be wearing a shiny gold jacket! lol

  4. U2 IN 23 DAYS!!

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