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  1. I am flying in from Dallas. This will be my 1st GA Experience! I am attending the second show in Chicago and won't land until 1 am June 4 :blink:

    Is there a process already for GA line? 
    Are there going to be several check in times?


  2. Thank you both for your responses!  GA line is always an interesting experience!  haha...  I'm excited to start seeing reviews of the shows, best locations to stand, etc.  I agree that we should (hopefully) know more about the GA line set up after the Houston show.    


    Thanks for the heads up on the parking situation!


    Would love to know if there is a fan meet up in Dallas as well!  I always love meeting fans and making new "line" friends.   :)   


     I would LOVE to meet fellow U2 fans!! Fan meet up sounds AMAZING!!

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