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  1. Was able to snag two crappy upper-level seats for LA but at a steep price of sacrificing 1 clean & spotless lamb and 2 calves. Now to source my unsullied livestock. Maybe I should have waited for more dates to open up but alas... I'm sure it will be a good show regardless. I will say, once I was actually able to get in correctly (closing my TM browser window at 10:01am and following the text link again), the site was responsive and purchasing was problem-free. Easier than JT in my opinion; and an option to actually print tickets! Decided on mailing physical tickets in hopes it will be an easier process than all these ticketless-entry fiasco's I've had to deal with in the past.
  2. Yeah, on desktop currently. Just tried the link again and it took me to slightly different TM page where my code is now showing at least 1 non-VIP option... odd. This is for LA Forum show.
  3. Why is my iNNOCENCE code only working for VIP packages? I don't want to pay $300 for upper bowl seats!
  4. I sure hope they let us use pre-paid general parking for Lot 6 or we all just wasted $40-$60 trying to be proactive. We'll just have to wait and see I guess...That parking and rush to get in line is going to be madness.
  5. More conflicting info if you have GA and Reserved seating. One source (U2.com) "If you purchased General Admission Floor credit card entry tickets, you must enter through Gate E. If you purchased tickets for other [reserved] seats, you can enter through any of the stadium gates, but NOT through Gate E. This includes reserved seats that are credit card entry. ...If you have both Field GA and Reserved Seats on the same credit card, please go directly to a Box Office Resolution window with your credit card and picture ID." I sure hop that BO Resolution window is open early...
  6. From an email I just received from TicketMaster regarding those of us with tickets in different areas (GA + Reserved Seats). Wanted to share in case it's helpful. "Now in regards to your seats, even though they are still in two different sections, there's going to be no issue with all four of you guys entering in the same gate. Just make sure you and the three members of your party are all together when entering the event."
  7. EXCITED FOR TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Anyone at the GA lineup today that can give us an update at what the count is at already (approx. 10:30AM Friday)? Also, looking forward to Rose Bowl's email tonight. Still have nightmares of 360's GA debacle... I'm also so confused how the CC entry will work with those of us that have multiple seat types. I have 2 friends using my 2x Reserved seats and a friend and myself using my GA. I'll hopefully be able to get some answers tomorrow when the customer service windows open because, as we've all experienced so far, Ticketmaster has zero helpful answers and Rose Bowl says "Wait until Friday's email." And don't get me started on parking for those of us arriving before 2:30... So many questions to be answered!!
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