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  1. Not sure if you will read this, but one of the manager of the fan site in Dublin suggested I do this because the members of the band sometimes read these. My name is Kevin Kieler and I am trying to get a message to the band. I am a youth coordinator for the diocese in Worcester Mass and we have the largest youth group in Massachusetts. Our group has hundreds of kids and we use your music all the time in our activities and on retreats. To quote a phrase, "We play, Where the streets have no name when we want God to show up." The kids also participate in dozens of outreach programs from Soup Kitchens and food pantries, to the Appalachia service project. We would like to invite any member of the band to stop by and meet the kids when you are in town for the Boston show on June 25th. It would be a honor and a real thrill for them. If anyone from the tour is reading this or knows how to get a message through to the band. Please contact me [PLEASE NO PERSONAL INFO SUCH AS EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER] I will be at the concert that night. Looking forward to it!! Peace
  2. Hi, Not sure if I am doing this correctly. The people who run your fan club site suggested I do this. I am trying to reach the band to ask a question. Not sure if this is the right way but I am giving it a try. Dear U2, I am a Religious education coordinator for the Diocese of Worcester and a 10th grade CCD teacher at St Luke's in Westborough Mass. We have the largest youth group in Mass with hundreds of kids ranging from 8th grade to 11th. Over the years we have incorporated many of the U2 songs in our lesson plans as well as on our confirmation retreats. As a long time fan, I would like to invite any member of the band to stop by either the day before the June 25th concert or the day of, before the show to meet the kids in our group. It would really be a thrill for the kids and an Honor for us to share how their music has affected our lives. My wife and I will also be attending the June 25th show. Please let me know if this is getting through to them and thanks for your help. Sincerely, Kevin Kieler [MOD EDIT: Please do not post personal information on the board, like email addresses or phone numbers. Thanks]
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