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  1. Thanks mate. My flight to Barcelona got cancelled n the end. Fortunately Dublin made up for it
  2. Hi everyone Wanted to say a big thank you to Emma and Kate and the rest of the Red Zone team for being such wonderful hosts on Saturday. Brilliant job. At the same time I wanted to highlight the poor behaviour of a small minority of fans whose behaviour towards official event organisers and some red zone attendees was very rude and aggressive at times. When i arrived at the designated meeting point there was already an argument going on between a tall french girl, dark har in a bob early thirties and red zone attendees sitting quietly on the grass. The jist of it seemed to be that she and her friends had been there since the morning and there was a numbering system (there was of course no numbering system, that's something that it seems fans who regularly attend the event have come up with themselves), When one of the event organisers intervened he got a hard time too. At the stadium on the way in we were told by the official event organisers to form two queues,, one for people with bags and one for those without. Following what I was told to do by the event organisers I stepped into the no bag queue only to receive a volley of abuse by the same french girl who told those of us who had joined the no bag queue to get back in line. It was all very rude, aggressive and unpleasant. I felt very embarrassed and intimidated. Emma very sensibly sorted it all out and we went back into one queue, no drama required. For my part I wasn't bothered. There was no material advantage to be first in. U2 weren't on for another five hours and there was ample time to move around freely and stand exactly what you wanted including anywhere on the barrier. I found the whole thing baffling. Fortunately the gig itself was brilliant. A lifetime dream fulfilled and I will definitely do Red zone again. Can nothing be done though about certain over zealous fans adopting a position of self imposed importance and entitlement and causing havoc for those who simply want to enjoy their day?
  3. Hi guys So I was at Twickenham second night and it was immense. My fifth U2 gig. My friends are going to Barcelona. They have tickets but I don't. I am going to be there come what may and have booked a flight. I just need to get a ticket. I've never been front row with the band and really want to for Barcelona. Can someone help me out who has a spare Red zone ticket. I fly in early on 18th so can co ordinate arrangements Cheers Jules
  4. Anyone going with a spare ticket? Either date would be wonderful. I'm fairly house trained
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