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  1. I have two tickets for Sunday I'm looking to swap. Mine are standing. Are you still interested?
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for getting in touch. If someone else comments on this thread with the same offer, I'd be happy to do it but otherwise I'm afraid I need to swap both tickets. Jez
  3. Hi I need to swap my Sunday eve tickets for 2 Saturday standing tickets for July gig in Twickenham. Anyone out there able to help?? Jeremy Field
  4. Hi, I have two tickets for Twickenham 9th July (standing) and need to swap them for two tickets for Sunday 8th July. Anyone? Thanks Jez
  5. Hi, I have two for Sunday (standing) that I need to swap for Saturday (standing)... If you can, I would be sooo pleased!!! Jez
  6. Hi, I need to swap my two Sunday eve tickets (standing) for two Saturday eve tickets (standing or seating). I live in South of England, swap in person. Thanks Jez
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