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  1. I think this is a problem also. I purchased tickets for the Montreal show anticipating a long needed vacation. This after 5 years for being a caregiver for an aging parent and hoping her health would continue to do well thur the month of June and on. My tickets plus dinner at the restaurant at the Bell Centre were bought during the presage in December at the cost of $865 for myself and my husband. We are by no means rich and events of being a caregiver and my not working have put a strain on family budgets, but combining Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts figured we could manage. My mistake was buying tickets through the clubs ticket agent who offered no ticket insurance as Ticket Master did in the states. My parents health was not doing well, so to make a long story short I was not going to be able to attend the show in Montreal without any worries. I realized this in May and quickly bought tickets for the show in Omaha (the day before the show and a 2 hour drive from my home) at a deeply discounted price from the presage for that show. The show was amazing and I truely enjoyed myself. Then I began trying to sell through the fan club pre the rules since this was my agreement as a member. I also sought other options to sell the tickets. These were Craigslist (and every scammer in the world I still want to see the moving truck coming to pick up the tickets after I cash the cashiers check and pay the movers). I listed on Stubhub with my tickets going from face value all the way down to $75 apiece till my sale expired at 8pm showtime. Then I attempted to give them away so at least someone would enjoy with no takers because many people do not trust others anymore. They believe if it is to good to be true it probably is.. I offered tickets way below face value because I was forced to by the ticket agent, producers all the way to trying to give the tickets away with no takers. I saw outrageous flucations by the ticket agents then watched when they would raise prices till they realized no one was buying anymore only to drop the the bottom out so their was no hope in recouping any of your cost back. I have been given 4 CDs for buying tickets and I prebiught the deluxe edition of the album during that presage before Dec 1 and not knowing we would get free CDs. I paid my membership last year and paid early this year to be able to be included in the presale of this tour. i was surprised the number of U2 fan club member2 giving away tickets as to not let them go to waste. I enjoy U2, their music and watching their concerts and will continue to do so but I will buy my tickets in the hours before the concert via the resellers when I can get great seats at a bargain basement price for great seats. Now I have 2 printed concert tickets and dinner tickets framed and hanging in my wall with the caption under it says, “De l'expérience vient la sagesse“ or “From Experience comes Wisdom”
    Wasn’t able to make the show had great seats and tried to give them away after not being able to sell. Was surprised no one would take them plus dinner tickets were included. Live and learn about planning for things in the future when show insurance isn’t offered. Luckly I saw them in Omaha and I still hold out hope they will do a return leg and return to Kansas City MO at the Sprint Center. Still love the music and the band!!!
  2. I was wondering about all the complaining about the phones did a lot of people not down load the U2experience app the album cover and the static screen before the show enable extra content (the album cover triggers a video). I am sure many people filmed or viewed throughout the concerts as to not miss any extra content. I see no one posting about the app so are fans aware of it or using it. I think it is great to see U2 intergrating techonology in all the ways it has over the years as it has.
  3. Know someone who wants 2 tickets to tonight’s showFREE still time to make it pm me
  4. Thank you mich40 about what is the Amount of time for pending joinings
  5. I have two tickets to Sale to Montreal Canada June 5 show plus 2 dinner tickets a Repas Restaurant at the venue (Bell Centre). I am really in need of a helping hand as my mother has become ill and I will be unable to attend. Purchased for $865 and have moved my price down to $600 or will entertain other offers. These are a steal and bargain at this price. I have a PayPal account can invoice for immediate payment and transfer immediately. If you would not like please forward to other friends thank you Teresa
  6. I believe my stepson is coming from TN to KC to use tickets, sorry!
  7. Max what city are you looking for My Friend! In US or where
  8. What venue are you looking for out of curiosity ( I am in the Wires group, one of the newbies) I am only using two unless my stepson calls today and wants them? Heck the scalpers are the scum of the earth in my mind. I am all for entrapunalship but the pricing should be regulated 20 times the cost of the ticket is to much to charge. I believe you have to love what Ed Sheehan did in March with the help of Ticket Master. He cancelled 50,000 tickets scalpers had bought (and had probably already sold to those who support the scalpers and the prices they charge) with the help of bots and then resold them to the fans. He and U2 I believe are working with the TM verified program to try to combat the problem. Our scalpers here are offering tickets on the promise they will have that ticket or a comparable one you have to click on the links for Vivid and StubHub to see the fine print..
  9. I agree whole heartily also, in 1992 I saw the Zoo Tv tour because a friend had an extra ticket, he came by my job and asked if I could leave early, luckily I had a great boss. It was one of the best shows I had seen and truly a spiritual experience. I attended my first concert in 1973 Egar and Johnnie Winter the tickets were $7 apiece. Everybody went for the experience and some for the drugs and pot(I always enjoyed the natural high (but have been known to partake in sharing a joint, hell people you did not even know would pass it down the line)they were a lot friendlier then. I have been to fewer and fewer concerts in the last four years, my husband and I went to see Bruce Springsteen and next to us was a mother 60ish and daughter 30ish. Both these women were drinking heavily and pretty drunk they jumped around bumping into us and screamed the whole time they never once excused themselves. Then we attended a Foo Fighters concert and I figued the two young girls in front of us were related to the mother and daughter at Springsteen's concert. It is pretty bad when you end up with a headache at a concert and it is not because of the loudness of the music. Luckily we were able to move seats in the last hour of both shows to seats higher up because of other people moving from their seats to get a better view. I would have preferred a camera than these two sets of rude women. I guess you have to fight rudeness with rudeness I was not raised to be that way. There was a time one would arrived early and would talk to the people around them about fandom and expections before the show started. Then once the show started everybody would either sing, clap, wave lights, or lighters and it was a pleasant experience. When arriving at the show tee-shirts were affordable now they are made in China and screen printed all on the cheap and marking it up over a 1000% or more, so now I walk past them and just buy from the fan sights. In the past when you left the venue you would have a natural high for hours afterward. It was funny watching everybody leave not saying anything just dazed staring back at the venue wondering why the show had to end, if there was talk it was about how great the show was. This started to change in the late 90's with affordable cell phones and large numbers of people who had never learned concert etiquette, courtesy, manners or how to have fun without infringing on someone else's. I am a true believer in karma, you may not see it and karma can be hell, but what goes around does come around, or you get what you give. A friend of ours and her fiancée came to visit while we were living in Europe. We took them to Paris for a tour of the city and museums, they decided to film as much of the art at the Louvre as they could and view it when they arrived home. They filmed much of the museums art with out looking at it and being very rude ugly Americans pushing people out of their way and they filmed without even looking through the view finder. To make a long story short when they returned home they had very little on film and most was the bottom half of the pictures so that they were not identifiable and they had very little of the statuary or relics. I will always have my memories of such a beautiful city, sights, art, and people and yes I have some pictures, but some pictures fade, but memories and experiences don't!
  10. Maybe try to contact another fan in the region wher the show is you want to attend for another fan who isn't using all their tickets to allow you to buy their spares and meet at the venue to enter together. Which venue are you looking for?
  11. Maybe try to contact another fan in the region wher the show is you want to attend for another fan who isn't using all their tickets to allow you to buy their spares and meet at the venue to enter together. Which venue are you looking for?
  12. Thank you for your info it does help to know what is going on when purchasing tickets. I did read on our local news station only U2 fans will have access to the general admission seats (I always thought GA was standing room only) tickets, has this changed. I really would like to know before Friday's presale for KC. It is nice to know we will have access to seats!
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