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  1. This is funny because I am just now back on here after almost a year. I finally got the correct information from a very helpful fan friend of mine. Nothing suggested, worked. When I got to Soldier Field that day, many friends suggested to have my card double-checked to see that everything was taken care of, so I did. They checked it and all was apparently good. When I went to enter, after being in line all day, my card didn’t work. It would not scan. Many, many people were pasig me by. I debated with the scanned and told her all that I had just done to ensure it was working. It was a
  2. Thank you Manohlive for the response. Much appreciated! Agree .. never had this problem, ever, in my years of attending any show. So my guess is that the lady who told me all of this today, from TM, had just set down her crack pipe? It's been a headache since Friday and I'm not betting my chips that it's resolved by Saturday at the field. I'd much prefer to enjoy my day with friends than run around all day, speaking to misinformed or uninformed part timers, who I can't get any help from. These two ladies from TM were adamnent about their info. I'm not freaking out, but rat
  3. I am just going to re-share what I just posted on the U2 fan page for Soldier Field Chicago. My blood is boiling that I've been told, repeated times, that no one can help me. It's saddening to me as a fan that U2 would not have backup for these situations, like Pearl Jam does. It appears as though this going to suck; My first show on this tour in my town... the juggling around, the people to watch my kids, the planning, the saving of money.. seems to all be going down the crapper as I get angrier and angrier at my continued and failed attempts, in addition to ZERO support to have my ticket
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