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  1. Ooof. That's a bummer. I'm sure they've got a reasonable policy about stuff like that. Just looking at The Dome's policy post on Ticketmaster, it looks like "exceptions may be made for medical needs". I'm sure you're good to go. On a related note: there are fold-down "seats" built into the fence that forms the border around the RZ. So you should have no issue taking a load off when you need to.
  2. I'm pretty sure once you're at the RZ tent, getting your bracelets, you're "in the venue" and there's no re-entry. We did Red Zone in Minneapolis. The RZ tent at US Bank opened at 430. We had planned on getting there about 530/6. We wanted to be close and weren't super-concerned about being on the rail. Of course, we ended up a bit behind schedule and got to the tent at about 700. At US Bank, there was a fair distance to walk to the RZ, but it was easy to follow the tape-trail to the zone. So, figure we were in place at 720 or so. At that point, Beck should've gone on in ten minutes, howe
  3. I was just going to post the same question. Thanks, nyru2, for all your helpful Red Zone info!
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