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  1. Mine arrived yesterday (Argentina). They look an sound perfect, so that's a good one after all the waiting
  2. The show is going to start at 10:30pm (ARG TIME) because the argentinian soccer team is going to play an important match so they will broadcast the match in the screens of the stadium after Noel Gallagher. http://www.lanacion.com.ar/2070859-u2-con-la-seleccion-argentina-antes-del-show-se-vera-en-directo-el-partido
  3. Hi, i became a member 2 days ago and i can't see the REDEEM button for the 2017 gift. Why is that? I bough the 50 dollars membership and said that i'll get the gift. Or because i 'm new i don't need to do the "redeem" thing?
  4. Question about the pre-sale. I want to buy two tickets but with two different credit cards (one card for each ticket) so i need to make two purchases. I'll be able to do that or once i use the code the first time i wont be able to use it again later?
  5. Yes, of course. But the last big show that i saw without the "campo vip" here in argentina was last year in a smaller stadium. I think it was in the Black Zabbath one. This year all the big shows and specially in the same stadium that U2 here in argentina had that division. So we better be ready to see that probably
  6. That's like "campo vip" and "campo normal" here in Argentina. The "Pista golden" it's like "campo vip", whick is the front of the field, and "Pista general" is from the end of the pista golden to the end of the field and sometimes the back of the stadium. At least here in argentina almost always the field is separated like that, so if you want to be at the front of the stage you need the "pista golden" ticket.
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