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  1. Was at the show tonight. Amazing! But the Wifi signal was atrocious to be fair to those who tried and failed to broadcast. I tried to Periscope multiple times and couldn't get a decent connection.
  2. Belated, but this was me! Still on a high two weeks later. I made a sign for Adam thanking him for the pick in Philly. By sheer luck, I wound up on the catwalk rail and he saw it. He acknowledged it and me multiple times during The Blackout. It was a pleasure meeting you in Montreal and thank you again for the front page feature! Hope to see you in Milan or London.
  3. It was incredible. So much energy. Best crowd I've seen so far in my shows other than Montreal. Can't wait to do it again tonight. ❤
  4. Was able to hook my friend up with 2 GA's, now I just need one more for him. PM me and ill put you in touch with him. Thank you!
  5. I'm looking for 3 seats together for a friend. If you're selling, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with them. Thanks!
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