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  1. Hello! Are you selling a single rather than the pair, too? Thanks!
  2. Hey peterp311, do you 1 GA for Wed. due to the friends' drop out? Thanks!
  3. GA (1 ticket) needed for each MetLife night, thanks gang! John
  4. Looking for 1 and coming from LA, thanks all!
  5. Hello hello! What is the "identification number" Tuboleta is asking for when you create an account? Never seen this and i've tried everything! Thank you!
  6. Hey all! Looking to buy 1 - flying from CA so if you know of anyone selling, I'm in! Thanks so much.
  7. Thanks so much! yea, imagine the stage will be done today or tomorrow (2nd stage apparently is there now in Miami)
  8. Has anyone heard of any GA drop for Miami last weekend or since then? curious if they've released more thanks!
  9. I'm at the Stadium Hotel about a mile away
  10. Coming from LA on Friday and looking for 1. Thanks gang!
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