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  1. I just renewed my membership. I will go to shows in Europe!! Do i leave my american ticketmaster account unlinked and wait for the European presale? P.S. Please dont give an answer like, "do as you want, is up to you". Thanks
  2. I'm gonna keep asking this until i get a concrete answer. This process is so frustrating. I want to go to 1 or 2 European concerts. Ok having said that, can i wait to renew my subscription after the presale for the European concerts are announced? Please mods help me with this answer, i'm going crazy. Thanks in advanced!!!
  3. Can i renew my sub after the US presale ends and the EU presale starts? Or do i need to renew my sub before Nov 12 in order to apply to the EU presale starts? I only want to go to a show in Europe. Please help!
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