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  1. The line numbers were managed by the fans at Tampa, and I believe the same at the Miami show. From what I have seen on the forums, fans lining up earlier than the venue times has been pretty consistent- though Miami was days earlier than the Tampa show, however Tampa fell on a weekday which may have had something to do with it. I had no trouble getting any spot I generally wanted for the Tampa show. I took the rail at the bottom of the tree, though I actually liked our GA spot for the Miami show better. For that we showed up at 4:30 and had a great GA spot just 20 feet back from the tree on Edge's side which we moved to from our original spot at about 5:45, so I gather we could have gotten even closer had we started off there when we first got on the floor. For Tampa, I was battling whether to stay in RZ or move to GA throughout the whole show. Tampa recap- I showed up at 3:30, was #45 in line and when the doors opened, I was on the floor at 5:10pm. The people all around were great and when I left to get a drink or what not, they saved my spot and even one for my friend when she was able to get in at 6PM. And when she arrived and we went to get our merchandise, people held our spot too. Most people would have died for the vantage point we had, and it was neat to be able to look at the band and see the fans reactions in the front of the tree and the band did interact with our side too and we got to see them as they would take their places and go back and forth on the runway, but our vantage did not get the full scope of the screen in one go due to the angle, and the video is pretty amazing, nor the front of the band like when we were in GA. Guess it's all a matter of perspective and still an amazing show no matter what way you slice it!
  2. I had this situation with Tampa, and it was easily handled with great customer service. There are 2 Red Zone hosts that you should have their contact info when you get the email in advance with the details for your show- this is from my (RED) Zone info email: If you have any problems on show day, please send a text to Emma or Kate on +1 818 445 4353. I text and spoke to them the day of, and all the other person in my party needed was a copy of my ID for when they arrived (they had a hard copy but Emma said a text picture of it would have been sufficient). I got to the stadium at 3:30 and someone from the line gave out numbers (I was 45), and then when Red Zone check in opened up, I gave the red zone my friend's name. She arrived at 6pm and joined me on the floor! I also had 2 VIP tickets in another area and they arrived same time as my friend coming with me in the red zone, and I was worried about it as well as it being a separate entrance, it was the same situation and easy as well- I gave the VIP host their names in advance and a copy of my ID.
  3. In addition to above, before going through security and check in where the credit card was swiped, we went to another area of the stadium where we were given wristbands- nothing was shown in order to get them, we just stated we had GA tickets.
  4. For Miami show GA tickets, the only way to get in was to swipe the credit card. I would contact the venue to see what option may be if the group is splitting up their entry times. For Tampa show, we have tickets in different areas (red zone and VIP), and I contacted the host directly and made arrangements with them directly and they just needed a copy of ID in advance and for the party to bring a copy of the ID of the ticket holder as well for this special arrangement.
  5. mgirard


    Rain held out for Miami and it was a beautiful day and evening, though very humid, especially being in GA. Getting nervous for Tampa based on current forecast, but if the show will go on, so will we and guess will just break out the ponchos.
  6. One Republic started at 7pm sharp in Miami
  7. And there is no restrictions on bag size, correct? I only received email from stadium a few hours ago, there was no mention about this, only parking lot opening at 3pm and to go to NW gate for general admission.
  8. Just received my email today- 8 days prior to the Tampa show.
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