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  1. So before the show does TM give you some kind of paper version of your ticket to print out and carry to the show? I know you still have to have your CCard to verify against it when entering, but just curious since i've never experienced this system before. Also, I noticed that individual $290 face value tickets have started to show up on craigslist for $750+ Not that it affects me, thanks to the presale but....dang! It's like the change in perceived value when you buy a car and drive it off the lot... except this time it's the opposite! lol.
  2. You might want to bite the bullet. I saw group seats for qualcomm lower field around 10am, lost them due to TM error, then recently saw single lower field seats, and now if I check, they are gone. Granted, I bought 3 together in Plaza that were "best available" and then 30min later i'm finding ones 8 rows closer so... somewhat of a lottery for seats but not sure if RZ is out of the picture for pre-sales, or gone completely.
  3. Well, I got seats but the next section tier back from where I originally had. Thanks a lot TM for your "securing tickets" protocol glitching out....
  4. Damn. Had field tickets at San Diego, checked out, did CCinfo and had 2 min to spare. Completed purchase. Goes to blank TM screen saying "Return to venue".... no tickets purchased...WTF!??
  5. Arrr.... San Diego not letting me select 3 seats, only 2 available at drop down... Never bought any tix this tour before.
  6. I just tested it on the NY site and can access and buy (but i'm not going to) GA or regular seats, but it sucks that I can't actually SEE the seats I want to get. It's weird though, I haven't been able to use the zoom feature since yesterday afternoon. Granted, it was laggy af, but it DID work. When I went to the stadium page, the stadium graphic flashed and was instantly the "interactive one." Since then, anytime I load the page, it's the generic graphic with the U2 stage layout and sections by color, etc. (interactive is all gray with shades of blue indicating price per seat/se
  7. Anyone know why the TM site stopped showing me the zoom in sections/seats available (the interactive seat map that you can zoom in and see blue dots for specific seats) and now only shows the generic stadium image? I went to the Indiana stadium page and used my wires code at it works, (just testing, i'm waiting for San Diego still) and it unlocked and let me browse on the right side but I can NOT get the stadium to display the interactive zoom/scroll around and pick your exact seat-type graphic....what gives??
  8. I was watching SD too on TM.com, and yeah, all seats just turned gray. Nothing to click on or select for pricing. Something just went wonky. (other venues are still working though)
  9. Anyone know at the Qualcomm map what the three " + " shaped objects on the field by the VIP tents are?? Are they some kinda of light/speaker pillar or just a blocked off staff/other VIP area on the field? Wondering if they could cause possible obstructed view for seats in line with them... Thanks for any info on it!
  10. Can one of you fellow SoCal fans let me know what the pricing is for the Yellow/Red/Purple ringed seat sections at Qualcomm is on the TM map? What sections are the $100 and $160 seats at? Just want to know what price range I can budget for. (I realize the seat prices might change depending on how far back you are in the Red seats for example, and how close u are to the stage) When you have time, of course. Good luck with the TM hiccups that are going on! (TM won't let me view the seats here, like I can at the other venues that are available today)
  11. I know I can't buy until tomorrow, but wonder why San Diego won't show me the actual remaining seats to buy on the map (each individual seat market by a blue dot) whereas the other venues that opened today are showing that interactive map. I wanted to watch the traffic and figure out tonight what to expect by tomorrow morning as to what I can hope for.
  12. I'm clear on the 2 different u2.com presale groups (Red Hill / Wires) but what are the other presale groups listed about on the ticketmaster page?? What the heck is Fan Club VIP and Fan Club Bundle about? From the TM event page: Fan Club VIP Access Start: Thu 06/08/17 10:00 am PDT U2.com Red Hill Group Presale Start: Thu 06/08/17 10:00 am PDT U2.com Wires Group Presale Start: Fri 06/09/17 10:00 am PDT Fan Club Bundle Start: Fri 06/09/17 10:00 a
  13. So you're saying the codes are not unique per member, but by member group? (so two different codes will exist for the shows?) And when using the code, it checks against my membership level/group right to gain access to the TM or whatever it is purchase site?
  14. So regarding the Sept 22 San Diego show, right now Stubhub and vividseats (just as an example) have piles of tickets available, but only scalped prices vs. normal ticket prices. ($175 nosebleed seats, up to $2,750 red zone) Question is, if tickets aren't on sale to the public until Monday the 12th....how are they already available on these ticket sites? Does TM/live nation have some kind of agreement where something like 30% of tickets are public access, and the rest are wholesaled off to sister sites for an additional commission bulk blocks of seats? This is all new to me overall
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