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  1. Somehow I scored 2 GA for SJ2. I'm feeling extremely grateful! I hope everyone is able to get the tickets they're hoping for. Good luck, guys!?
  2. I tried for SJ 1, and Vegas 1&2 through the presales and general sales. I'll be trying for SJ2 this week. It's all a bit confusing trying to keep up with verifications, codes, and dates. Mine says "Set Up Complete", but under my account info I thought originally it said "verified", but now it says "confirmed". I don't know if there is a difference or if it matters. It never use to be this difficult to get GAs. I'm wondering where all the GAs have gone to...
  3. I'm feeling a bit foolish at this point. I've tried to get 2 GA for either SJ or Vegas either night since the start. Presale, General, emails, phone calls... code didn't initially work in the beginning (the first round) and when it finally starting working TM locked me out (thought I was a bot). I've rearranged things so each time I can login on the dot. I called U2.com and after an hour and a half wait was told they would try to hold two SJ GA for me. I was told I might get an email and phone call back. Nope. I keep trying. I keep hoping. I naively keep jumping through all these hoops. It's a
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