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  1. So I am trying to buy red zone tickets. I just got my presale code yesterday so I have 4 ticket options but when I get to the check out where I am trying to purchase 2 redzone seats it says that the number of tickets I have selected exceeds my limit? I haven't purchased any yet?
  2. so if I just got my offer code ( coupon code ) in an email. ( yes I just signed up ) does that mean I can't try for RZ seats until tomorrow. I have tried to use the offer code for anything and it says it's invalid. I thought I would at least get access through The Fan club VIP ... anyone?
  3. One last question. Are these tickets mailed to you or do you have to show up with ID before the show as is the case with many VIP tickets. ( This is a Red Zone ticket question ) Thanks in advance.
  4. I was only able to purchase 2 tickets in the Red Zone with my presale code. Is there a limit on Red Zone tickets?
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