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  1. Nope. I was able to transfer one initially to a buddy. And I had the ability to transfer as recently as a month ago. But apparently they decided out of the blue to restrict transfers. Why? How is this reasonable?
  2. I originally bought tickets for LV1 and LV2. I can no longer make LV2 and I have a friend that can't make LV1. I wanted to offer up the tickets to fans at face value of course, but now I no longer have the option to transfer. What gives? Why are they allowing promoters to do this crap to us? I have 3 GAs for a highly anticipated venue and they're going to end up getting eaten because of stupid hoops designed to "protect the fans". Somehow all I ever hear is how the fans get screwed again and again by these hoops that are supposed to be for our benefit? All I want is fo
  3. It turns out that I won't be able to attend the second night in Vegas and I'm trying to figure out how to trade/transfer my GA tickets but it's restricted by Flashseats. Anyone able to help with this? I also have 1 GA for night one (my buddy from Omaha had to cancel), so I have that one too. Face value of course, but I don't know how to proceed with these restrictions.
  4. I liked Zooropa but it was really the beginning of the end for me. Pop was too far of a departure for me, and honestly I'd moved into other realms by the time it came out (NIN, Radiohead, etc). As someone else pointed out, mid-to-late 90s was especially cruel to some of my favorite 80s bands (The Cure, DM, etc). I mostly wanted to provide some background and point out, that while I will always be an old school U2 is better fan, I have taken a great liking to this new album and can appreciate it for what it is. Also for the sake of clarity, I am a man LOL!
  5. Like many people here, U2's early albums were my soundtrack from adolescence to young adulthood. I grew up with War, TUF, TJT, AB. I bought Zooropa but it was "different" and I had evolved into other things. I don't think I even purchased Pop, I tried to reignite my fandom with ATYCLB but like I said, I had moved on and for the rest of the 2000s, U2 wasn't even relevant to me, let alone my favorite band. Flash forward to 2017. TJT tour was something that I could not miss. And of course the old hits drummed up a huge amount of nostalgia for me and I was lucky enough to see the show 4 time
  6. I'm going against the grain here and making a wild-ass guess, but would be interesting if they opened with Song For Someone and ended with 13 (There is a Light) from SoE for the main set.
  7. I missed I&E but assuming this setup is similar with the catwalk, E stage and screen dividing the arena. Where are your favorite locations in GA? Where did most people like to be?
  8. This makes me sad as I was hoping they would add a second show to Vegas since I will already be there. I swear this is having the opposite effect and may preclude the addition of shows. I guess we will see. Would have been fun going to two shows in two nights.
  9. Man it's funny how similar our situations and thinking are. Exact same deal with me and my mom. I wanted some tickets close and mid court. $800 for 2 tickets is expensive, but I'd expect that my two criteria could be met for that much money. Nope, I was being offered VIP Party Package, right sections but Row R for $635/each! Uh, no thank you. Same as you, I looked at other options and my mom and I both felt that for the quality of the seats, it was too much. We would and have paid good money for good seats. But I'm not paying ridiculous money for average/mediocre seats. To the point
  10. Great post as usual. I agree with the entirety of this post and I wanted to piggyback off your comment regarding planning. I try to do GA as often as I can but sometimes I get seats with my mom or friends that can't/wont do GA. It would be nice to have some idea what I'm buying beforehand. Especially now that artists are offering so many different "packages". Additionally, how ridiculous is it that between all of the different options there's no continuity even when using the same platform, ie. Ticketmaster on desktop vs. mobile vs. iPad etc. The best available is nonsense as we
  11. I wish I had good news for you but I don’t. I have really mixed feelings, feeling very fortunate and excited to see the band but sad for all the fellow fans I know are bummed out and stressed by this experience. Keep trying, keep an eye out here, Twitter and FB and hopefully there will be more drops. If I hear anything I’ll certainly report back ? Good luck everyone!
  12. So I picked up one for me and one for my mom. Got in at the very first minute and bought 2. My mom who was also trying on her end wasn’t able to find any GAs. I’m still checking in the off chance I can help some fans here and sell them at face, instead of the brokers but that’s probably a pipe dream. I hope everyone is able to get what they’re hoping for eventually. To those that lucked out, I’ll see you there. Good luck everyone!
  13. Between FB, Twitter, here, and other friends I know, I haven't heard of ANYONE getting a GA ticket for Vegas today.
  14. What you are doing is insensitive, rude, lacking class and humility. Plenty of real fans did not end up being as fortunate as you. Enjoy the show. Stop while you're ahead.
  15. Looking at forums, FB, Twitter, etc and I'm not sure I know anyone that got a GA for Vegas this morning. Anyone?
  16. What are you referring to re: 2005 and Larry's statement? Again, not being snide, just curious what you're talking about.
  17. I don't mean this as a snide remark toward you but what are they going to say? "Thanks for another sell out tour!"
  18. I don't mean to sound petulant, but both my mom and I were "lucky" enough to win the presale lottery and couldn't even buy 1 GA ticket between us. We had prepared, we had studied, we had done trial runs to make sure we knew where to click, presale code on the clipboard ready to ctrl-V, joined the waiting room immediately and sat for an hour and not even a sniff at 1 GA ticket for either one of us from the first second? I love this band and I love live music, but it's bad enough to pay these exorbitant prices, it's worse when the exorbitant prices become astronomical through scalpers.
  19. I was one person away from this girl and her sign, Bono read it and mouthed thank you and gave her a namaste which she returned. Pretty cool!
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