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  1. You would think Section 242 would be wonderful - other then for the sound-destroying, cavernous concrete overhang. Nice to see the band play Joshua Tree 30 years after I saw them in Champaign. Wish the sound would have been even semi-decent.
  2. I only wish I had seen this topic before I bought my tickets and went to the show. Sat in Section 242, row 11, seats 16 & 17. I couldn't have been more disappointed with the sound. Bono sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher and the music just sounded like garbled bass. They should not be allowed to sell those tickets at full price. I felt so bad after spending a fortune on top price tickets in the presale, taking my girlfriend to the show, and then hearing sound that was just absolutely horrible. Extremely disappointing. I'll never sit under the overhang for anything at Soldier Field
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