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  1. Thank you, Zoo Bahnhoff!
  2. Saw an older video where RS must've interviewed Bono talking about songs from the Joshua Tree. He was talking about how the Edge sort of approached Bullet with a Jimi Hendrix feel on the solo. I get that, it's a definite nod to Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner (which, gulp, I have to say I appreciate, but never really dug. Too chaotic for moi...kind of like, well...I'm not in to bebop jazz either. There, I said it ;oD). Anyone else get the "When the Levee Breaks" by Zep vibe from the song. Is that too easy? I wonder if the guys acknowledge that. Maybe that's an oldie but goodie topic.
  3. I am glad that I saw them in Chicago. Only thing is, while the Lumineers where darlings, I much prefer Beck any day of the week as an opener. OMG!!!! That makes me think twice about trying again to get tickets.
  4. I did enjoy this, but I was surprised by the few that should've been on the video that didn't get included. I=That said, I did a little "owww" whoop when Sister Rosetta Tharpe popped up! http://www.guitarworld.com/forgotten-guitar-hendrix-elvis-and-chuck-berry-there-was-sister-rosetta-tharpe/25851
  5. Love the idea!!! I've seen Bruce a handful of times, and I'm always floored by the man's stamina. He's a beast! I mean, what is...?? Late 60's? Plays for hours and is so physical...still.
  6. Was thinking about this song this morning while I was cleaning the house (boring job)..I so love it. It honestly took me in to my 40's, and now at 52 to fully love it and appreciate it. Maybe it is because my taste in music has changed and moved towards more Americana/Outlaw/Blues-infused tunes. Two things I was thinking: how cool to hear Springsteen do a take on the song, and then... just how bad ass the video was in concert. The cool little bony cowgirl working that lariat over! My sisters saw the show in Louisville (and if you're southern, it's "Loo-uh-vull") and they thought she needed a m
  7. Thoughtful take there, Mike...you do wonder...hmmm...an accident like that would rattle your confidence, for sure!
  8. I can't imagine the grueling nature of touring! My husband & I have a band/trio in the greater-Detroit area, and I tell ya...the little bit of "touring" we did started to reek havoc on my voice. I think it's pretty rare to maintain the power and sheer range with aging. Sure, opera singers seem to...but rockers? I've heard Robert Plant a few times in concert and that man is a master class on control. I would think Bono probably has a voice coach on speed dial, should he need to do the consult thing. I was noting the little tricks (I've done 'em too, lol) Bono would use when we saw him In Ch
  9. It wouldn't be U2 without a political moment, as it is a passion. Having said that, it's funny...I had a moment a couple of times of "Hey, wait a minute guys", LOL...like how it's ok to talk about your own family, but others can't. Interesting, really. Funny how art provokes so much thought/feelings. Good and bad! That's the point, I reckon.
  10. Darkon, I agree...ridiculous! Convenience of what? Don't they get a big pay out for hosting the show besides?
  11. Great question! My husband and I were engaged long distance while he was in the military. He worked part time at a record store in Tucson, and sent me the advanced copy the store got. I was blown away. Still am.
  12. Hi there, maybe it's been asked before? Will the topics/themes change for the tour in Europe, elsewhere?
  13. Met two of the nicest, coolest folks on the main floor Sunday of the Chicago show. Love to connect with you all! I know y'all are fan members, so I'm reaching out here. Hope your trip home was good and all is well with your family. Pax, Robin
  14. Craziness...from what I've learned, Ford Field is expanding and putting in a whole mess of suites. They have over 1500 construction workers on site. I guess the fees are paying for their remodel. Go figure. I didn't pay that much for my tickets for Chicago...and we could print our tickets, not have them mailed. Makes no sense.
  15. Thank you!!! I agree!!!! They charge you to mail you tickets, right? Who mails tickets any more??? Tell you what, makes me hopping mad how they're doing things over there at Ford. I posted about my sister and my husband's experiences with the ticket sale earlier today. They both used Ticketmaster apps, and i was home at my desktop trying to get tickets. All of us were totally clueless to the fact that you needed a login with Ford to get said tickets. Did you see anywhere on Ticketmaster or Ford's website anything about that before attempting to buy? Could've used the info before cueing up and
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