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  1. I saw the last show of the Lovetown Tour in Rotterdam, 10th january 1990. It should took place in december 1989 in RAI Amsterdam, but was cancelled then due to Bono having voiceproblems, so they had to set alternative dates for the Amsterdam shows. It was a great show! BB King was support act. The gig contained the best version of "Bad" ever, "Van Diemen's Land", "11 O'Clock Tick Tock", "Gloria", three songs together with BB King and his band ("Angel Of Harlem", "Love Rescue Me" and "When Love Comes To Town"), "People Get Ready" (with a fan out of the audience joining them on stage to play along on Bono's guitar), "All Along The Watchtower", they even played "Slow Dancing"! It was the last concert before they went to "dream it all up again" which resulted in the "Achtung Baby era". One of the best gigs I saw of them, maybe the best! The full show is on youtube. Since it's filmed out of the audience, probably with a VHS or Video 8 camera, the quality is not so good, but the sound quality is okay.
  2. Since it's the 30th anniversary of the release of the Rattle And Hum album this year (releasedate october 10th 1988), how about some Rattle And Hum songs on coming tour? And I don't mean the usual stuff like Angel Of Harlem, or Desire, but something like Hawkmoon 269, God Part 2 or Heartland would be great! I will be at the second Amsterdam show on october 8th, and it happens to be that I bought my copy of Rattle And Hum on saturday october 8th 1988, two days before it's official release. It was just before closing time, and the shop had it already on the shelves. So I simply got a copy of the album, went to the counter and bought it. So probably I was one of the first buyers of the album in The Netherlands! ;-) So it would be fantastic if they play some Rattle And Hum on the 30th anniversary of the day I bought Rattle And Hum!
  3. Yesss!!! Retail-pre-sale started at 12:00, one minute later I got the ticket for Amsterdam 2 in the pocket already!!!
  4. Anyone got a link to an updated retail-presale page for the added dates? The link I got from my retailer leads me to a page without the new dates. http://listings.ticketmaster.co.uk/u2-retailer
  5. According to Dutch retailer Bol,com, there will be a retail presale for the second Amsterdam show, starting 31st January 10 o'clock AM. They announced that unused codes can be used then trying to get tickets. But there's nothing been announced about that on U2,com. My question: Will or won't there be a reatiler presale for the second Amsterdam show and when will this be?
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