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  1. Hi All, Canadian travelling from to Paris 3. Are there any events going on? After parties? I'm heading to the show solo (GA of course), and would be keen to meet some other fans if there is something cool going down. Have seen the guys a bunch of times across tours and counties - but specifically chose Paris for the epic crowds. I have been listening to the JT recordings from Live in Paris since last summer. Feel free to send me a PM. Cheers, Alex
  2. Hey fellow GA'ers - is Phoenix using paper tickets or paperless tickets (tied to a credit-card). I still need to get my ticket and don't want to get stuck with one tied to someone else's credit card (if they ask at the door). In Europe it was just hard tickets, but the US leg 2 is different apparently. If you can share, that would be great!
  3. So I happen to have scored a work trip to Phoenix and will be in town for the JT show!! I would love to get a red zone ticket if anyone has an extra. Let me know!
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