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  1. Wonderful to read ? so happy for you, the pictures are very sweet glad you had such a great day and very cool the whole band got to hang out with you! Of course Edge won this, not even surprising I can only imagine how it must feel when you realize who you are taking to... I don’t know if I could think straight if this would ever happen to me ?
  2. Mine too ❤️ We are nearly the same age so it was of course not on my bucket list at the time Zoo tv was actually up and running around the world if there is only a small chance for a AB/ZooTv revival, count me in. There is simply nothing that I don’t love from that era/album. One of my all time faves. I‘ll never get tired listen to it
  3. The „letter“ really were the vinyls... they are beautiful ❤️ Sounding great and arrived in perfect condition ?
  4. Fellow Europeans(maybe Germans?!) did your local UPS deliver your vinyls? Or any other shipping company like DHL? Just asking because DHL left a note in my mailbox today because I wasn’t home... I have a letter to pick up tomorrow. Though I highly doubt it’s shipped in a letter sorry for asking so stupidly, I really don’t think it’s the vinyls but a little glimpse of hope was there it would still be good to know if they switch delivery companies during the process.. I think in USA it’s a common thing, isn’t it?
  5. AB ? SoI, SoE and AB, all complete would be nice. Is that too much to ask? ? at least I can accept a rest for TJT songs then ?
  6. Congratulations, super happy for you Enjoy your time with them and let us know a bit how the day went by! Have tons of fun and drink a pint for us too it should definitely help against being too starstruck
  7. Hi, welcome to Cologne And welcome to the jungle of German bureaucracy Usually, if you have a car that's authorized in another country, and if you want to drive through a "Umweltzone" (environmental zone) in a German city, yes, you need a badge. For Lanxess Arena there are several ways where it's allowed to drive through without a badge. I hope you can somehow understand this website, for me the English translation somehow didn't work correctly: https://www.lanxess-arena.de/services/anfahrt.html The key is at the bottom of the passage: "Die Zufahrt zur LANXESS arena ist aber auch für alle Fahrzeuge ohne Plakette gesichert. Alle Infos zu den Transitlinien entnehmen Sie bitte der Übersichtskarte der Umweltzone Köln (Stand: 1. April 2012) " It says that there are ways to Lanxess Arena without any badge. When you click on "Übersichtskarte der Umweltzone Köln (Stand: 1. April 2012)" you will find a map with the ways to the Arena where you definitely don't need a badge. This map is a bit impractical, so I guess when you come from the Liège route, for you the route down south around the city should be right. You take the A4, direction cologne south, cross the river, and then your GPS should guide you the right way over A559 which ends directly in front of the Arena area where you can easy find several parking lots... If you desperatly want a badge just because you want a nice German car acessoire, you can purchase it online here it's only 15€ xD https://www.tuev-sued.de/auto_fahrzeuge/feinstaub-plakette/bestellen/england i'm not quite sure, but i guess it never expires only if you get a new car... I hope it helps a bit, if you have further questions, feel free to ask
  8. You are so not alone with that. I happily sign every petition for a SOI or/and SOE in-a-row show. (or/and takes the pressure a bit out of it I would gladly die just with hearing SoE live from start to finish)
  9. Just found this in my inbox: Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the delay in replying to your email. We will be glad to assist you today. We are sorry to hear that you have yet to receive the merchandise associated your fan club membership. We have good news. Our warehouse processed and shipped your order on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Your order was sent to the below address. For addresses in the United States and Canada, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Customers outside the United States and Canada, please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. okay, so I know my vinyls are on their way, it can take another 6 weeks until they reach me but at least I know what’s going on because my order status is still empty without any tracking or shipping information.
  10. Either my mails to customer support didn’t go through or left unanswered, but somehow the order nr disappeared from my orders on the shop site... unfortunaltely I‘m not at home til saturday evening and can’t check if the gift finally arrived
  11. I tried again to reach out via customer support form but the system keeps sending me delivery fail mails :/ so phone is the only alternative I see here, right?
  12. sorry, me again, but I just checked emails and my support request at u2.com couldn't get through? got a returned mail notice. "no relay" for my email adress? that's an odd thing, never had that before. even tried 2 different email adresses and none got through. anyone experienced similar problems in the past? thanks
  13. so it's already some days into March and now I decided to ask u2.com about my order status... let's see what happens... Oh about the turntable: I use this one and I am really convinced about it - not too cheap but also not overpriced - decent player https://www.amazon.de/Dual-500-USB-HiFi-Plattenspieler-Magnet-Tonabnehmer-System/dp/B01LQ5VB64 sorry, it's German Amazon, maybe you can find it for your country if you are interested in a lookup on details
  14. Thank you Oh and sorry, I didn't want to make you feel old, that wasn't quite my intention We are all only as old as we feel! And we never really grow up, don't we? We just learn how to act in public That would be soooo cool. somehow like closing a circle... I remember when I went to my first Muse gig, they played the song that made me fall for them, I didn't expect it because they didn't play it too often during that tour, it was really emotional for me
  15. Oh Jeeeeeez, I just didn't recognize this thread when I joined this community last year, sorry But I had a very good start here and already connected with some super nice people Hope you don't mind if I do a little belated introduction. 35 years old, from Germany. I am completely addicted to music, I literally live through music. Love going to gigs and playing guitar Well yeah, obviously I maybe love U2?! I stumbled across this site accidentally when I decided to join the fanclub when buying tickets for JTT2017 went down worse than buying tickets for IETour. Sadly I only started to go to U2 gigs in 2015. There is no real excuse, maybe money issues when I was younger, when I went to school I was always broke and afterwards the first years didn't went down that well, so yeah... I started going to gigs on a regular base when I was already 27 years old. My first real and conscious memory with U2 is my teenage me, watching MTV and then suddenly "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" came up... I was hooked. And they never left me since. I only really regret that I was still too young for attending a Zoo TV gig and too stupid and broke for going to Elevation tour. I'm just super happy that I still have the chance to make a bit up for everything I missed and that the lads still like to go on tour for us Ok, sorry for rambling around a bit too much eventually. Have a nice evening/night/day wherever you are!
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