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  1. I would have loved TJT30 to be a DVD release for us, and then commercial e+i. e+i never made it to my neck of the woods, but I want to relive TJT, and I'd love to have just the background videos as a special feature. Mothers of the disappeared was so haunting.
  2. They probably could've gone further with the love idea, maybe shown a parade. But a bunch of people standing around not doing anything with the song was weird. In another way, it reminded me of the video for Bryan Adams' Let's Make a Night to Remember. Beautiful song, awkward video.
  3. S6, Version 7.0. It's a slow load, crashes 9/10 times, and it overheats like a mother.
  4. I was hoping it would be a Joshua Tree 30 blu-ray. Though a part of me knew that it would be Rattle & Hum related and hoped it would be either an expanded CD or even just the Excerpts EP. Their remixes go one of 2 ways. Ridiculous and extended (I'll Go Crazy... I'm looking at both of yours) or so subtle it's hard to tell what's been changed (Sleep Like a Baby).
  5. Hi, I was just listening to WtSHNN from Rattle & Hum and there's the harmonics that Edge plays before he starts the main riff. I've noticed he does it a lot, usually for Streets, but I've heard it for Bad as well, and maybe one other song that I can't remember. Anyway, what I was wondering, is he doing the communication notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Or is it just a practise riff that sounds similar?
  6. Oh okay. Just co-ordinates. Thanks for that, I couldn't find anything.
  7. Hey. I finally got bored enough to look up the coordinates from the special edition of Horizon. What I wound up with doesn't look like anything. Was I just taking it a little too far? Does anyone know what the actual goal of the numbers were?
  8. Hey, I'm not sure if this is where I put this. I just got the Super Deluxe Edition of the Joshua Tree and I tried to redeem the code for the album, but when I try to login on it, it won't let me. Just keeps reloading the page. I connected my Spotify another time and it reloaded the page. I don't know what to do.
  9. I hope if/when it comes out, that the 8K videos are special features of their own. It would be nice if extra tracks were songs that didn't make it on most setlists. A Sort of Homecoming, the Sweetest Thing, MLK, and Don't Look Back in Anger (though, they probably wouldn't go through with getting the rights).
  10. In Canada. No hide or head of this gift yet. Just checked my order status, it only gives me info that it shipped September. Right.
  11. I actually got the song when I pre-ordered the album. Kinda odd, but it's pretty killer.
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