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  1. I would have loved TJT30 to be a DVD release for us, and then commercial e+i. e+i never made it to my neck of the woods, but I want to relive TJT, and I'd love to have just the background videos as a special feature. Mothers of the disappeared was so haunting.
  2. I was hoping it would be a Joshua Tree 30 blu-ray. Though a part of me knew that it would be Rattle & Hum related and hoped it would be either an expanded CD or even just the Excerpts EP. Their remixes go one of 2 ways. Ridiculous and extended (I'll Go Crazy... I'm looking at both of yours) or so subtle it's hard to tell what's been changed (Sleep Like a Baby).
  3. I hope if/when it comes out, that the 8K videos are special features of their own. It would be nice if extra tracks were songs that didn't make it on most setlists. A Sort of Homecoming, the Sweetest Thing, MLK, and Don't Look Back in Anger (though, they probably wouldn't go through with getting the rights).
  4. Hey. Can't really remember when I became a fan of U2. I heard a lot of their stuff growing up, the main 3 singles for Joshua Tree, Beautiful Day and Elevation. I think it might've been while watching a telethon in 2006 and it showed bits from the Vertigo 2005 DVD. Found some of my dad's CD's and kinda listened from there. The next year he bought me U218 Singles and I really loved the music. I've learned With or Without You on guitar, and won a town talent show my first time playing it in front of people I think in 2010. I had just learned the falsetto part for it and when I did it the crowd stood up and applauded. It's one of the songs I play the most at open mic, and my range for it has improved. I finally got to see the band this year in Seattle. I was hoping for Vancouver, but I was locked out in the ticket sales and it didn't have 2 tickets available by the time it let me in. And then it did and the website kept crashing. That was a let down, but I finally decided to check for Seattle tickets and I seen 3 resales available and I paid for 2 of them for me and my dad for his birthday gift, and my dad paid for my brother's to drive us down. It's a night I'll never forget, hearing Bad even though it wasn't played at Vancouver and then the encore with I Will Follow.
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