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  1. Ticketmaster Resale is the same as scalping. Live Nation / Ticketmaster and the band seem to be talking out of both sides of their mouthes. How can you promote verified fan and say we are trying to curb scalping but at the same time allow purchasers to resell directly on the ticketmaster site. This is so ridiculous its almost comical. Shame on all parties. Having ticketmaster resell and verified fan for the same shows is a complete joke....
  2. Just got this email today. But I am renewed and verified so why would I get this Last Chance! Renew Your Membership Today to Access Presale Don't miss out on getting first access to the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour!Your current U2 Subscription is not eligible for presale access because you have used your presale access code to purchase tickets on the recent Joshua Tree Tour.
  3. Its a tough call for sure. If they say add 2 Montreal dates on the Sunday and Monday those dates would work better for some people than a Tuesday. Don't want to hold on to presale code though and this not happen... decisions.... decisions.
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