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  1. My mailbox was a mess until I found out how to set it up so it wouldn't send an email for each single reply
  2. Yeah, I'm keeping expectations low. My biggest mistake was actually buying non-refundable plane tickets from Brazil without any guarantee that I'll have tickets ? (nervous laughter)
  3. I know my presale is tomorrow, i was just under the impression that the verification emails that you guys are having trouble with would be sent at the same time. But I get It now, thank you.
  4. Ah ok I thought emails would be sent at the same time for both groups and then codes a few hours before sales. But considering how unlucky I am I'll start preparing psychologically
  5. I'm in innocence and got no email at all. That means i'm already out, right?
  6. Oh now I get! I'll try again later, it might be some other error Thank you!
  7. Thing is I qualify as "other countries" haha
  8. Guys, anyone from outside the US who plans to attend American gigs managed to validate their account? If you don't have a valid us adress you can't have a us Ticketmaster account, so that means we wont have access to u2.com presale? I'm kinda panicking rn
  9. I'm not in the US, I'm actually from Brazil. As I understand it, I won't be able to buy pre-sale tickets for american gigs even though I have renewed my subscription because I can't validate my account, is that it?
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